Silence is golden

Comedy gold!

Great stuff :smiley:


Excellent production - great to have some light relief in these trying times!!!

Bill Shankly - YNWA


Round of applause - brilliant stuff WGU…

Hopefully that goes long and goes viral…

Yeah - that’s why I included the link as well as the embedded video. Also put it on Video.Google as you can easily download an MP4 version to put on a PSP or iPod - for anyone who want to “share the love” offline!

i.e. for anyone who wishes to share the video but without letting it become known that they read the pin (because if anyone in real life knew who they were, they’d be lynched).

That was a great video, although it had a real end of a long running TV show feel about it (except that it was real and none of the characters you cared about).

My only worry is that WGU seems to be going from strength to strength, and soon no one will be able to stop him.

golden silence will be no more after what we will have happening

I have sent this link via email but nobody seems to be able to open it. Any ideas?

Make sure you send them the full link rather than the one that’s displayed as phpBB cuts it down: … 9266160803

Use this instead:

I did my best… :nin


Damo gets alot of traffic, so you never know! :wink: