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Thank heavens the adults have noticed that the big kids have trashed the gaff…

I wonder does he know that Ireland isn’t part of G7. The G7 in their role as G7 (as opposed to their respective roles as our trading partners and/or fellow EU countries) have no control over Ireland so any action they take is purely charity.

I suspect he does know that. His point is that they are the adults (the ECB is like the babysitter, the IMF the cops) and if we wont and the babysitter cant behave then…
Lets not be pedantic - next week will be brutal, with banking stocks reacting to the lloyds meltdown, that wiull make it ever more likely that we have to take the present lot over and so crystallise the threat that hte guarantee represents.

Former big shot in the IMF. Ouch! This is actually quite scary.

yep. This is NOT a drill…At best we have this

The IMF can only be a secondary concern to Ireland. We have a common economic union sharing a common currency. Why should the IMF be called, this is an internal matter for the EU. No point in having a common currency if it only works in the ‘good’ times. Is the IMF going to lend us euros while the ECB won’t?

RGE posited an interesting question. The IMF is absolutely skint so is it up to the Eurozone to change this rather stinky nappy ???

Per today’s Sunday Times: … 733723.ece

As I’ve said before, the EU will have to assist leprechaun land, mechanism or no mechanism presently existing.

hmmm…an interesting take here
“Moreover, it is quite unhelpful for outsiders to call for intervention, since it adds fuel to ill-founded concerns about sustainability.”

Helooo??? hellooo?

You wouldn’t hold it against them if they told us to get lost!

If the locals didn’t keep going around claiming the concerns were ill-founded, the outsiders might not be so worried.

You don’t get to be such an “open economy” and then bitch and moan when people looking in the window see you smoking weed rolled in 50 euro notes.


We know how upset our own tax payers are at our banks. Can you imagine how pissed off the German tax payer is going to be at bailing us out?

Declan Ganley - you’re wasting your money, concede defeat already.

That’s a joke, right?

Or has Desperate Dan’s propoganda been so effective over the last number of years that economists the world over think that Ireland is now one of the 7 largest industrialised economies :smiley:

But being serious, it’s pretty scary if a small country like Ireland starts to be an area of concern for the big boys.