Simon Kelly - Why nama is a mirage

Is it normal to call for privatisation of profits before all the losses have been socialised?

I wish Simon Kelly was a mirage…

Is Simon afraid that NAMA might actually sell stuff for less than what it’s “really worth” leaving him and his buddies destitute?

Eh, not if you paid about 3 times too much for your raw material. With someone else’s money.

Bring back the €300k 1 bedroom commuterland chipboard shoebox so Simon can make a few bob.

Ah now, wont you have a little charity? No, ok then fuck im, next. :wink:

From the final para:

And so over-leveraged property speculators who got lucky with an asset bubble are still considered “business people” in the eyes of some. Engines of growth and wealth creation. And all these “entrepreneurs” need is a bit of creative thinking and they’ll be back to selling gaffs to beat the band.

I despair that any of this cretinism will ever end.

Er … lots of playing the man not the ball here …

Its not the best written article in the world, so its easy to “fisk” it

But I agree with the essence of what he is saying in terms of having skin in the game

That applies to other posters on the 'pin not opinion pieces penned by VIs…

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Holy Mother of God

Pray for us developers…

Now and at the hour of our debt…


And then the collection plate comes round…

They obviously never heard that story about the eye of the needle.


Inis Man has assassinated before he could finish his post!

These donations should be worth an ould plenary indulgence for each of these lads.

That’s where I stopped reading.
“Don’t let some laywer/accountant type in to solve our problems. Get Goldman Sachs.”
I guess TARP looked better to Simon’s Ilk than Nama.

A spokesman from Rome today denied the Vatican loves NAMA.
In a brief statement delivered entirely IN LATIN, the spokesman chanted: namo, namas, namat, namamus, namatis, namant.

Why did “Nazi Gold” pop into my mind?

Just confirms what I heard last week. Same lineup both sides. Plus ca change, plus la meme chose. There’s lies, damn lies, … and there’s Nama.

They got their names etched in stone at least…

Ah yes. The Latin verb ‘to bugger’.