Sindo: As Bertie's boom got boomier, omens were gloomier … 24668.html

A fine piece Jody, but about four years late.

Suggest reading more Gene Kerrigan and less Eoghan Harris in future.

May assist you with distinguishing your ass from your elbow.

Wow, about time that this came to the surface in the mainstream media. Nothing new to the pin as other posters have suggested, but maybe the average Joe on the street will read it and realise that there were warnings and that our government has been telling us a load of porkies and ignored them all.

I will give Jody one piece of credit - she admits that the media played along and were too busy counting the cranes to do any useful journalism.

sex change

Lenihan Says NAMA Will Stop Houses Prices Falling - Karl Whelan → … s-falling/

A poster in that Irish Economy thread says:

This is just an apocryphal story, right? Strikes me this isn’t how NAMA works at all and they will not be offering any money to developers for their “assets”.

Jesus, please someone tell me this story is bullshit.

Well the developer could believe it…but he’d be wrong. NAMA takes over the loans. If he doesn’t pay off the loans, then NAMA repossesses the underlying asset.

My understanding is he doesn’t get money in that scenario. He may, however, think he does - that would not surprise me. And I would be surprised if he is alone. There may be some shocks to come.

^^ Thanks Calina, that was my understanding too.

As far as I can see the only way developers can make money from their assets is in the old fashioned way: when they are sold for more than the value of the loan. Otherwise, they are effectively in NE on their portfolios and when/if NAMA offloads them the developer still owes the balance, assuming it is negative.

In the article he credits McCreevy with lowering the corporation tax rate to 12.5%. I was always under the impression that it was Quinn that lowered it to 12.5%, could someone clarify this please?

In Berties world he never took a penny of “undue” loot off nobody nor done a single thing wrong in the eyes of the law, that includes the many rumors that surround his character about various aspects of how he might pay his way to his ability to land a left or right hook on anyone who might happen to be standing close to him.

Some people believe there can be no smoke without fire.

Bertie challenges the misperceptions and untruths daily.

Its Brian Lenihan who is the Liar.

woops! sorry!

Don’t be sorry, you are correct, BR is incorrect. I blame the Sindo Journo’s for having these names. Comes back to “I’m Gene Kerrigan and so is my wife”

Bertie’s chauffeur-driven Merc clocks up €175,600 travel bill … 26292.html

Someone should correct that to “Im not interested in paying tax or working as a TD even though Im paid for it” Fucking disgrace.

What I want to know is if Bertie actually believes that he is not interested in money.All his behaviour points to him being money obsessed. Is he delusional or just a craven liar?

His primary objective is to protect and defend himself and his buddies and their organisations who he helped make such a killing during the boom.

His primary reasoning processes always involves making his premises explicit (on the assumption that they are valid) and testing them by the use of self-referential logic. (Self-referential as in testing a claim by the same logic that generated it in the first place).

His self-deception is denied by cover-up. In order for the cover-up to work, it too is covered up.

So, I’d guess that he believes what he says himself and thus, yes, he is delusional.