Sindo/Brendan O'Connor: This blight on all our futures...

Brendan O’Connor: This blight on all our futures must be tackled

Also in the Sindo today:

RTE axes ‘showy’ property TV series

29 property suicides leave State unmoved

Who therefore should not have taken out a loan in the first place, if they caon’t even raise a deposit.

Was somebody holding a gun to their heads XX

You have to read to the last paragraph, but it is there, he is looking for a hand out from the government for himself. Despite spouting shite for years about property, and the merits of purchasing, he feels that he should be given a hand out. For those of us who were diametrically opposed to his position on property, we now have to listen him looking for a government hand out.

Will someone not think of the smart and ballsy guys :stuck_out_tongue:

[qoute]As the Government strove relentlessly to drive property values down, its mantra was that we had to do it for the sake of the first-time buyers, a mythical, saintly crew of innocents for whom we all had to make sacrifices.

When did the government do anything other than further inflate property prices when they were going up and desparately try to prop them up on the way down?

Simple solution. Invent a time machine, go back in time and shoot smug oily cunts like him who inflated the property bubble in the first place.

Agreed, you’d certainly think there’d be some stuff on the web about this relentless striving, but I can’t find anything. Debt of Finance officials seemed very happy with el bubble getting bubblier.

Any sign of an apology from ballsy o’connor for this article yet?

Now, now - not an apology but an update.

Are all the smart ballsy people still buying up Irish property Brendan? I wouldn’t know myself.

Who needs a time machine?

oldthinkers unbellyfeel sindoboom…

And who the fuck cheerleaded them into it, Brendan? :unamused:

Its really interesting you should post up those pictures.
All part of a mass assault on the humanity’s psyche.
It was more important those pictures got out than be kept hidden.

This Terry fella is a world renowned fashion photographer. He even snaped the most recent US Presidnt portrait.
Graphic images (some pixeld out) but you have been warned. … sycho.html

The never end war on freedom continues.

The answer is that there’s nothing to do (or better: that the current powers that be will do) that won’t make this mess bigger than it is…and that includes bailing out individuals…The one thing that can be done (and it just remains akwardly quiet) is to change debt legislation and alow for debt-forgiveness as most civilized economies now have…That way people will be able to make plans for the future again…I can’t see it happen with the powers that be, since they have no interest in it (or politics for that matter)

I’ll have to join Poacher turned Gamekeeper whose post I read this morning and declare my complete and utter disregard and trust in current Ireland Inc.

Nothing short of a revolution is required…something needs to give…
and soon.

negative equity concerns us all and at the same time concerns a propertioanlly higher amount of the PS?
this is possible how? proportioanally, all of us are 100% of all us. does the PS somehow equate to more than 100% of the PS?

No you’re wrong

Yeahm, that was 2008, Ireland is different… Donie was wrong unfortunately…

Ah, but if this had been out there then surely the banks wouldn’t have loaned all the gazillions in the first place. The fact that these mortgages are non-dischargable (if that is the correct term) is one of the reasons the banks were so happy to loan in the first place right?

Not sure what you mean by that - not familair with shortselling (well, shortselling shares, but surely you don’t refer to that)…I know that back home debt forgiveness is run by county council, I believe (I was fortunately never in the situation) that it works with the budgetting counsillor (they do exist here, forgot the name) to set-out a plan to relief the debt situation…It does mean that you will have to follow their advice (legally obliged) but usually means that life can go on after a debt plan has been completed…Banks / financial instutions / Debtors are also legally bound to the advice…

I would not be familiar with the exact workings -as I said, most people aren’t until it’s too late…But I believe the system in Ireland to be rigid and based on DIY it…Am I wrong to assume here, that even if you declare yourself bankrupt and try to sort out as much of the remaining debt as you can, you can basically never reach the debt-free status again?

[EDIT: it’s MABS - actually; I don’t believe they have legal powers though]