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Unfortunately clicking on the link would only add to the number of hits,thus justifying this clown. So I will decline. People like Harris are the reason why Ireland is a shit hole.

Eoghan Harris is syphilis.

A total buffoon :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: .


The little cartoon neglects one of the other fatcats … The Media !

You wouldn’t consider yourself as a political favourite, would you Eoghan.

Here you go!

TUG says Eoghan Harris is syphllis.

Interesting choice of words.
Given that it can lie dormant for so many years there may be a point in that.

After all Eoghan was such a leading Stickie hard line light until he went through so many hoops to appear in his present and indeed true colours as the opportunistic parasite he has always been.

Mind you I found the fucker obnoxious thirty-five years ago. Nice to see people generally catching up.

Harris has never been in touch with reality. Always delusional he should be left well alone. I like to ignore him completely and not acknowledge his existence or opinions. This is one of the rare moments I acknowledge that even someone by that name may be a distinct entity in reality.

It does not state that Harris is a senator appointed by Bertie on the indo web edition.
Does anyone know what is stated in the print version?
(Similarily for Celia and O’Dea)

Could this be construed as an undeclared conflict of interest as per the press ombudsman?
“2.3 Readers are entitled to expect that the content of a publication reflects the best judgment of editors and writers and has not been inappropriately influenced by undisclosed interests. Wherever relevant, any significant financial interest of an organization should be disclosed. Writers should disclose significant potential conflicts of interest to their editors.”

Has anyone any experience in this area

And he always parks his car on the double yellow line in front of the house when he comes over for a swim in the sea… Though Eamonn Ryan must have got on to him, because this summer he started using his green folding bike…

The blatant Hypocrisy of a Senator apponted by Bertie asking when the rot set in makes my eyes bleed.

Harris has suffered from depression in the past.
The most charitable explanation for this breathtaking contradiction is that he has been unwell for many years and is showing some signs of recovery.

Eoghan Harris on the radio this morning saying he’s prepared to give up 10% of his Senate salary as a ‘leadership levy’. All the ‘political class’ should pay the ‘leadership levy’!

10%! :laughing:

‘Leadership Levy’! :laughing:

‘Political Class’! :laughing:

Eoghan Harris! :laughing: :laughing:

I actually read that title as :

Sindo: Eoghan Harris**,** Cowen and Kenny whistle past the grave

I dont know too much about his past and never read one column he writes. I heard the interview and what he said made 100% sense. And as far as I can see it is the only sensible way forward. Of course what he was advocating at that interveiw is not popular with some segments in society. But how bad and desperate do things have to get before the decision makers in this country make the sensible decisions instead of the popular ones… Decisions that would have been taken in any other mature country years ago.

Made sense, did it? Let me get this straight: a Senator, A SENATOR!, railing against waste in the public service and calling on politicians and, while we’re at it, lecturers and a few other randomly thought-up categories (huh?) to pay a “leadership levy.”

I’ve got another idea that actually does make sense: how about we abolish that glorified discussion club called the Seanad so that crass hypocrites like Eoghan Harris and Shane Ross will have one less platform from which to preach about the evils of the public sector while drawing down substantial public sector salaries (and don’t forget the expenses!) for doing, essentially, nothing whatsoever. Senators make €70,000 per annum (plus expenses and we know what those are like) of taxpayer money to do nothing but sit around a gab and, occasionally make a big show of “sacrificing” 10% of their income. With the expenses, the senators alone probably cost €6 million per annum. Add to that the staffing, advisors, administrators and then what does it cost? €10 million a year? And for what?

Tell you what, Eoghan Harris: I might (I said “might”) listen to what you have to say about the public sector from the moment you resign your seat in protest at the continuing waste of taxpayer money that is the Seanad.

P.S. Yes, I’m aware that €10 million is a “drop in the bucket.” Nevertheless, the balls on these guys is not to be believed.

The silence is very loud.

Sigh. Are these the boom years you had in mind?

Oh, and by the way, most administrators are fungible. The Croke Park agreement would allow those administrators to be redeployed to where they are needed. They are not needed in the Seanad.

Please point out where they are needed.


No, you’re right. They’re not needed anywhere. We know this with apodictic certainty because, well, we just do.