Sindo: I signed my life away for the sake of city centre apt

With that standard of journalese she’s right to be concerned about her career prospects and subsequent ability to service her debt.

Haven’t we heard her story already?

I have to have a lie down . 525,000 Euro for a 2 bed apartment plus 45,000 Euro for a parking space in Dublin ,in a ’ softening ’ market with warnings from her parents and The Central Bank ?

From her article -

So tedious that she couldn’t be bothered to learn how to become a journalist.

I don’t get it. Does she want to move somewhere else? She got exactly what she wanted.

Article gives no indication as to what kind of salary multiple that would be?

I thought so too and here it is viewtopic.php?f=4&t=23011&start=0&hilit=alison

Is it such a slow news day that they have to recycle this kind of pap? Aren’t there real stories that she could investigate using those years of training?

Not to worry. If it’s dropped 50% it will only take 35 years at 2% per annum to recover it’s nominal cost and she can sell at a profit.

I give up,I really do. This clown already told us her story. Is she being paid to write this again?
Journalist my arse!
Maybe Alison,you should form a support group with your colleague Carol Hunt.Ask that Brendan O’Connor chap for advice,he’s never short of an opinion! The scamp!

There are thousands, apparently, and from people who are in half the debt she is in.

What gets me is this: it’s an insult to the average Sunday Independent reader that the SIndo passes this off as journalism in any shape or form. What on earth does Aengus Fanning think of the people who pay his salary?

It isn’t very Sex and the City. In fact any likely lad would be running scared. Love me love my negative equity.

Surely the response should be to lift your game, get syndicated or whatever these journo types do and roll in the cash rather than this apparent wallowing in self pity.

I’m not sure I could take any Sunday Independent journalist reinventing themselves as Carrie and going for world domination.

Oh Alison,you unwittingly i fear,put your delicate finger on the button here.

So many of our so-called high-achievers were never motivated by the sense of achievement at all…to them it was tedium…marking time…anything except applying oneself to acheive a goal with a end in sight.

Knowledge Based Economy my arse. 8DD

my god that’s sickening read

these people gambled and lost and now want help

This article does a great favour to those who oppose a NAMA-for-the-people bailout.

She admits that she was grossly cavalier about going €570,000 into debt against all advice, at a time when the public was acknowledging a full-on housing market crash.

I can’t see many people rushing to pay extra tax for her benefit.

(Fair play to her for admitting it in a national paper though)

Well actually, I believe the plot of Sex and the City 2 centres on Carrie and her husband’s financial problems. So Ms O’Riardon is very much living the Sexy dream. 8)

I would give the dizzy tart 144k ************ no more no less for this gaff . . .

Keep it Clean folks some of these comments are off the wall and of the sexual predatory type. Rather sad really - OW

Recycled whinging from someone who is clearly educationally subnormal and feels they deserve to be rescued from their own stupidity.

Says it all.

Way to negotiate love. I would love to imagine your fury. [Mod edited]

How much has your salary dropped?

Rent out the second bedroom? Find some sleek Scandanavians - they’d feel right at home or do they furnish their apartments with second-hand furniture from old Irish cottages?

Why did you fix when rates were dropping and were going to remain low for years? Did you listen to anyone? I won’t be going drinking with you. I’d say you are great fun.

You got a 40 year fixed mortgage? They saw you coming.

Wait a few more months and you will be even more astonished love.

Yes, looks like a classic NAMA for de Peeple case.

How much extra tax and or reduced services do you want to cop for Alison’s “Sex In The City” shoebox?

Someone who was “highly edumicated”, but who chose to buy despite being advised against it.

Regretfully Alison, I am not moved to contribute to your worthy cause. Good luck with your 40 year mortgage. I mean that sincerely because I don’t believe anyone else should be coerced into paying for it.

If you think there is some magic money tree somewhere that can shit money for your mortgage then you’re definitely writing for the right paper.