Sindo Journo - "whinge"

A Bearded Lady should stick to the circus. This dude has been hammering on about stamp duty abolition and other “get-the-market-running” initiatives. Couldn’t get over this article.

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I love this guys logic:
"On one side the banks, who caused this mess with their sub-prime packages – sold to each other so targets could be reached and bonuses received – are now squeezing us, the bastards. "

eh, your gaff got to an astronomical price because the banks were offering subprime mortgages. I bet the journo IS a subprime mortgage holder (even though he doesnt realise it)

If I could buy this journo for what he’s worth and sell him for he thinks he’s worth, I’d be a rich man.

I’m not sure what he is complaining about.
If he managed to get a house that valuable (subjective obviously) out of a career of writing low brow, tittle tattle, then he is hardly in a position to complain.

Again, so must wrong with this.

  1. Trichet has a face the last time I looked.

  2. They haven’t increased interest rates for 12 months, unlike the local banks who have. Go talk to your bank manager, he has a face too.

You’re going down hill in a car and you press the brakes and they don’t work? Do you slam your foot on the accelerator?

If you have a house “worth” that much then I’m afraid you don’t get to count yourself among “the coping classes”. You don’t know what coping is.


Oh god!!! It the “housing wealth” demon raising its ugly head again.

Listen dear. You possess a share in the nation’s housing stock, which is grossly overvalued. If you sell your share you will, unless you decide ot live in a cardboard box, have to buy another share at exactly the same price. Look. No wealth!!!

Or you could rent, and discover that your house is indeed grossly inflated in value (a good deal more than €200,000)

"…but we worked hard to achieve what we did achieve, only to see it now slip away. " Ignorant, offensive stuff.

And here’s the worlds smallest violin playing for you.

so sick of this. So it’s alright to make the next generation suffer to ‘cope’ your merc!?


Not a dry eye left in the berminn household after reading that.

The poor man

He want’s to sell to live near his family, and is looking for a price which prohibits local youngsters living near theirs. Well you’ll forgive me if my attitude is fuck him and his ‘asset’.

Maybe Bertie could give this poor man a digout to help him get a house near his family in Drumcondra in same way Bertie got his “digouts”. Feign a few tears and spin a few tall tales about your personal family circumstances and everyone will have some sympathy for ya, if only for a while anyway.

Well at the very least Bertie could give him a few tips for the horses.
He’ll have a few grand in no time, it could be in sterling mind you.

An anagram of ‘NO GLEE POLICY’ is ‘I COPE. LONG LYE.’

Or you could have ‘COLON GEL YIPE’ if you like.

Been there, can’t recommend it. :neutral_face:

Who corrected my spelling mistake in the title? :smiling_imp: you wouldn’t do that to joyce.

The article was written by Jody Corcoran. Methinks that’s a womans name.
Any a quick search brings back this titbit from the SPB review of 2002

The docket was dipped in brandy and whiskey and ignited by the cigar, it wasn’t just Brennan, there are many fabulous stories about transatlantic flight and the Irish establishment back in the days of yore, if you’re thinking Charvet ties were the only thing on the menu, you’re a little bit limited in your imagination!!! :laughing: