Sindo - Leading from the front on Nepotism & Cronyism

Unless some of you guys have been messing with wikipedia… … rnalist%29
Anne Harris, (b. 25 August 1947), is deputy editor of the Sunday Independent.
Her daughter Constance Harris writes for the newspaper as a fashion writer.
She is the former wife of Eoghan Harris who is an opinion columnist for the newspaper…
She currently lives with Sunday Independent editor Aengus Fanning.
His son Dion Fanning also writes for the newspaper as a sports writer.
His other son, Evan Fanning, also writes for the newspaper

Poor Brendan Fanning, no mention for him then?

Unfortunately, Wikipedia is riddled with errors …

so what if a private company engages in cronyism. the indo are welcome to put the wrong people in the wrong jobs - i dont care.

this is a not an example of problem cronyism that ireland suffers from.

So nepotism only matters in public institutions?

are you for real?? This is exactly the kind of sickening nepotism that in infested within the Irish condition.

Possibly one of the best post Ive ever read. Well done. Sickening though.

I would not object to this in a private company or obviously a family business.
INM is a public company, so maybe that’s a shareholder issue.
However, we do expect higher standards from the media, “the fourth estate”.

How have they the moral authority to put it up to polititians or vested interests? Maybe this explains why they don’t.

If sindo pick the wrong people for the job their shareholders suffer. It does not affect me nor should it affect you. The shareholders and by extension the management are welcome to chose whoever they like to run the place or work there. It is their money and they can chose how to spend/waste it.

Public sector is different. This is my money and my future earnings they are wasting. When ministers stuff the highest posts in the public sector with their social partner mates and cronies we all suffer.

To equate the two is nuts.

Its the largest newspaper in the country. Can you not see the hypocracy? Rattling on about public sector curruption etc. Its just part of the malaise within the Irish condition. Curruption nepotism etc is rampant. Its everywhere. Nuts? I dont think so. and then when you think of Harris getting the senate seat after backing Ahern. And you cant join the dots? Pleasssssssssse :imp:

sorry, nepotism at any PLC is a concern especially when it forms part of an Index - i.e. Iseq - may well be owned by your pension fund;

the shenanigans around the time of the Denis O’Brien take over attempt showed that Corporate Governance is less than ideal in IN&M; look at the composition of the Board - and please remind me, who’s the CEO again?’Reilly

While we are talking about Independent Newspapers -

I am BOYCOTTING Independent Newspapers since they increased their prices a few weeks ago - Daily Indo 1.90 Mon to Fri, 2.20 on Sat, Sindo now 2.70.

And I feel the better for it. I urge you to BOYCOTT them too!

Wow, never thought I’d say this but if there was ever an argument for making media studies compulsory in schools, this is it.

Can you really be so ignorant of how the world works that you cannot see that nepotism and cronyism in one of our biggest media companies might be a bit of a problem?

Or are you just trolling?

Don’t forget BOC’s father in law (his wife also writes for the Sindo of course) - close friend of Eoghan and Anne Harris.

I’ve been boycotting them for quite some time… Indeed, the last newspaper I bought was over a year ago and that was the Guardian world edition… :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oh yeah, bought a few copies of L’Equipe during the summer…

World cup schadenfreude?

Do you really think that’s the case?

COME COME NOW why leave out the fact that Anguish’s brother Ronan has been a regular contributor for more than 25 years.

13 March 2009


I think the media in general who have a huge influence have not been a force for good in this country;
They have not saved us from this boom or bust; or any of our other scandals
the clerical sex abuses, the ongoing tribunals and their causes; Haughey’s charlatanism; Bertie’s charlatanism;
or just the general political gombeenism, etc, etc.

I think the Sindo in particular supports the status quo;

I also believe that nepotism, cronyism are one of the biggest issues in this country,
whereby we choose our politicians largely from about 200 families instead of from 4.5 million people.

Imagine picking a national football team from 200 families? How good would it be?
Cowen, Coughlan and both Lenihans all inherited their family seats.