Sindo: Media Negativity Treasonous????

It’s time to start documenting this fascism before it gets out of hand.

Find Emer O’Kelly herself ridiculous. Have a vivid recollection of a scene in RTE’s newsroom over 30 years ago when she went on a rant about those causing a fuel shortage at the petrol pumps. She had turned up late -couldn’t get petrol. This ignored the fact that like all newseaders at the time she had been delivered by Blue Cabs. 'Send in the army ’ It was on all fours with but even more hysterical than what which she now complains about.

Emer was of course Fine Gael press officer back in the mid-60’s and has the the odd dash of colour about her during her career.

j@sus - first it was “nobody saw it coming” and now its “nobody had better talk about it” :sick:

I find this latest government wheeze of trying to get cross-party consensus on the budget a disturbing development. Basically what Fianna Fail and the Green Party are attempting to do is close down debate about the economy and leave us, the public, without any voice to represent us in the corridors of power - we become impotent as voters. In my view this is blatantly anti-democratic and a very worrying development, especially in view of how intolerant FF already is of what I would consider a very tame media in this country - I have yet to see, hear or read anything on Irish TV or newspapers that truly takes this government to task.

Seems to me that if you scratch the surface of the average gombeen redneck FF party member and you get a rabid fascist struggling to get out. And it didn’t take Gormley long to show his true colours re. democracy, did it?

Worrying times.

From the Seanad, 20th Oct 2010.

So there you have it. The leader of the Senate firing shots across the bow of RTE to force them to reign in presenters who tell things as they are.

Martin Mansergh also singling out a few presenters…

Frontline is sometimes quite compulsive where Prime Time is a disgusting piece of shite presided over by a mannequin that evidently spends more time on its appearance than it does in researching the facts. Unsurprisingly the FFers were not complaining about the mannequin.

They must loathe Vincent Brown too but some FFers are well able for him …such as Micheál Martin . Mansergh is often reduced to a blithering idiot when he appears on Vincenzo.

I think media are too pro-government.

They’ll be complaining about The Week in Politics next, as Sean O’Rourke last night practically accused the government of being in a shadowy cabal with developers and golden circles to bail out the banks and their pals.

Either give us a wave, Sean, or this is spreading in far wider circles.

[ meeting in the Shelbourne 24th September 2010.*‘Confidence in Media?’ * (

Given the track record of the likes of Brian Lenihan, Brendan Keenan, Marc Coleman and Austin Hughes perhaps it should have been called ‘Confidence in Me?’.

Confidence in Media?!?!

J@sus - they really do consider the media to be their political mouth-pieces don’t they. You can see the thought-process: And now the little gobshites are trying to sell papers by make us look bad. Right - thats it - something is going to have to be done to reign the little fckers in and remind them who is in charge around here*.

Only in Ireland XX

+1. Barry Andrews seemed pretty outraged.

I’ve been noticing that RTE have been setting the attack dogs on government spin-merchants for the last couple of months. Ok, maybe that’s over-egging it. But they have been more vociferous. And it’s clear the spin-merchants aren’t liking it.

Running scared now. - They don’t like the values and assumptions they held (and still hold) being exposed for what they are.

For example, their assumption that certain privileged parts of society should be entitled to live off the high rents and mortgage repayments that an ‘underclass’ are forced to bear.

Or, that the government is entitled to utilise taxpayer money to attract votes, subsidise and shovel cash towards favoured sectors of the economy, and pay themselves salaries fit for kings.

As per my signature, I think it is quite apparent that it is the government and their cronies (which comprises a fair portion of the population of this island), who bear *most *responsibility for destroying the hard earned capital of this nation by facilitating its “betrayal into hopelessly unproductive works”. And they continue to betray capital that we haven’t even earned yet.

No wonder they are afraid of continued scrutiny - even the half arsed, incompetent scrutiny that is all that our mainstream media seems capable of in current times.

Absolutely, roc, absolutely.

This is crony capitalism at its very worst.

The mainstream media outlets in Ireland have always been the *fully official * dissemination channels of the various related groups of gombeen shopkeepers, religious fanatics and high net worth individuals who own and run the country. However, the system is starting to unravel due to a convergence of factors including the increased power of the Internet and the unprecendented depth of the misrule of the last decade hitting home with John-Joe O’Soap. A closely related story to the fallout between RTE and FF is the potential alignment between FF and FG being discussed by FF ‘maverick’ Chris Andrews. Things are changing, it’s up to us to make sure they change for the better.

We know damn well who the traitors are and they sold this country for around 50k a development to current clients of NAMA

the media have to keep the pretense in order that the rotten ediface doesnt collapse. we do not have long to wait until the whole thing comes crashing down

:laughing: :laughing:

So true Roc - it would be laughably easy for a proper fourth-estate to expose these guys as crooks and incompetents.

It’s interesting to revisit this thread in light of the Government claim that media coverage of the housing crisis is bad for the international image of the country.

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose