Sindo property supplement

Down at my outlaws earlier - they buy the Sindo so I picked up the comic section sometimes known as the Prop. Supplement - what a friggin’ joke ! Absolute shite from first page to last, with gushing pieces of glorified VI-speak accompanying each propoerty featured, written either by Margaret or Karen something or other - I really should have taken more interest as both have their photos included, but then Pinsters all know that “property celebrity” is more important that anything else in this country - style over substabce etc.

It’s error-strewn throughout which tells you something about the attention to detail or lack of it - captions for Kilmore Quay stating Killiney, piece on Killiney stating Kilmore ! overseas property feature was headlined Barvaria" - I took it to be a sloppy piece of sub-editing but no, during the accompanying piece, there it was again several times - that well-known area accessible from Munich and Vienna airports - Barvaria ! Dear God, they’re telling people the properties on offer there are a snip at €118k and they can’t even spell the region’s name correctly - do me a favour.

The saddest thing of all ?? - even now, there is an army of people out there ready to read and believe all this tosh as if it were gospel ! Check out the H&M ad. on the back-page - there’s more text in the small print section (outlining how if the planets are in alignment on a certain Tuesday in May, then buying is cheaper than renting, but only in this particular development that they’re selling agents for !) than there is in the entire ad. itself

This is why I pretty much refuse to buy Irish papers at all.

i wonder what it will be like when the property regulator starts to impose some rules. then it will be a half page of small print

Ok that took a minute for me to figure out why a high st clothing brand were advertising in the property section and why they cared about buying v renting. :smiley:

True ! - I guess I should have used “H&McD” or just plain “Ken” !

I’d love to see what they could find for their “Take 5 for €165,000” to compare with this one!

The only thing you’d get in this country close to Royalty for €165,000 is a chicken coop next to Dustin the Turkey! :laughing:

If this is the ad for the development in Tallaght with the headline “Why rent when buying is cheaper?” then I noticed that myself - there have been calls on this site for the VIs who make this claim to back it up with reference to a specific property, and this is first time that I’ve seen it done.

The problem is, the breakdown in the figures shows that the only reason that buying in this instance is cheaper than renting is due to the owner-occupier “S.23” type relief on the development - to the tune of €400 per month or so.

Just bear this in mind if a VI on the radio refers to this specific development to back up the false economy of buying -v- renting.

As an aside, am I right to be suspicious about the estimated rent costs they gave (I think it was €1,000 - €1,100 pm for a one-bed apartment in Tallaght?). I’m no expert, but it sounds high.