Singapore: Property Cooling Measures

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From the BBC website, 14th January 2013


](Singapore steps up property curbs to bring down prices - BBC News)

I can’t help but contrast the reaction of the Singaporean authorities to a “frothy” property market and that of Irish governments. In Singapore they drive supply side and cap the borrowing power of buyers. In Ireland increases in prices were met by the banking regulator allowing longer periods in the duration of a mortgage, up to 40 years, the lending of higher income multiples, often in excess of 10 times, members of the government acting as cheerleaders for the property market and the extension of tax relief for buyers.

Can a reaction by the government to protect its citizens rather than a narrow vested interest group be in any way related to Singapore ranking as one of the least corrupt countries in the Transparency International surveys?

Blue Horseshoe

Actually Ita not that simple. The Singapore government and developers have done very well from encouraging property sales to foreigners.
Discontent has been brewing for a long time with regards jobs and inflation, especially with the numbers of Mainland Chinese moving there, and this is the result of that.
Plus at this stage there have been enough examples over the last few years that even a monkey can see it would not end well if they don’t get a grip on things now.