siro want access to site



Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Siro want to access to our site (standard 3 bed semi) to run their cable across the front or our house and on down the road. I’d never heard of siro and ya man just called to the door one day and did a half baked intro and was a little pushy about it (you have to sign now, if you don’t you’ll have to pay to dig up the road if you ever want siro and you’ll be putting your neighbours out kind of stuff). Anyway, he wouldn’t give me a copy of the doc i’d be signing but eventually he let me take a photo (apols for quality).

Generally i am grand with them doing it but i just want to make sure i am not liable for them killing themselves and they’re liable if they damage the house.

Here’s a link to the t&cs

Most of it looks fine to me but i wouldn’t be too sure really. They seem to address their liability in point 9: “Neither SIRO and or siro sub-contractors are liable under this agreement for any indirect special or consequential losses or damage howsoever arising in carrying out the siro works.”

Does that mean that they do accept liability for normal damage e.g tearing a tile or gutter down or a brick coming away? Would you think this is sufficient to let them work on your property?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. maybe i am being paranoid but id rather be safe than sorry.

cheers folks.


I’d take their hand of if a years free Siro access came as part of the deal. Sounds like it’s being Cablelink/UPC/Virgin back in the day.


OP, what’s in it for you? Even if you were 99.9% guaranteed there would be no problem, why on earth would you grant someone the right to come on your property (not just now but forever in the future) and make changes to it? I think you’d be mad to do it without a considerable sweetener.


Especially when some tosser appears on your property, banging the door down crying “sign this sign this” or** else bad things will happen!**


Which part of your property are they digging up ? Is it the footpath beyond your gate ?