Sisterhood: "We will jail you for calling one of us Fat Arse"


I think it is increasingly clear that no matter their stated political beliefs, many women in public life engage in Sisterhood thinking - a form of in-group preference I suppose - where everything they do and think and interpret is coloured by how “fair” they think the world is being to women. i.e. that society should never tell a woman that’s she’s wrong

This pops up in surprising places

The orgy of outrage was because the so-called “Dubai Two” fills the bingo card of simmering resentments and lazy prejudices about single mothers and about young people on social welfare and young people from particular Dublin address codes and young women who care too much, or not enough, about how they look. And on and on and on. Even the Golfgate crew weren’t subject to such scrutiny. I don’t remember questions about how they could afford to go there; how many children they had or who was minding them; whether they’d been there previously; why they weren’t at work.


She’s right of course. They were easy targets and were publicly shamed in part at least, due to their perceived social status.

Nonetheless, it also lifted a lid somewhat on the lifestyles of some people in this country who live lives fully funded by those who go out to work, pay taxes and usually struggle with mortgages, long commutes, childcare costs etc.

It’s also interesting to note that Irish society appears to be run primarily for the benefit of those sectors who appear to be least compliant with the COVID restrictions. Included would be the connected insiders and political elite who clearly don’t buy into it in private a la Golfgate, along with the indigenous welfare classes, travellers and the welfare dependant migrant segments, each of whom appear to ignore it for the most part while also tending to have the highest incidence rates.

Your average working gobshite who funds these segments via taxation has tended to be the most likely to have bought into the ‘we’re all in it together mantra’ from the outset and has complied, until recently, with most of the regulations.

If Covid has revealed anything, it’s the absolute disdain that each of the elite and welfare dependent sectors has for the working man and woman. They despise us and view our inherent decency as a sign of weakness/stupidity.

Furthermore, following 12 months of this nonsense, it’s clear that we are wholly unrepresented at political level. We are also becoming culturally invisible despite still being in the vast majority across the country as a whole. We are viewed as little more than a cash cow to be milked by the rentier/welfare classes. At some point something needs to begin to stir if any of this is ever going to change.


The point is - she would have defended the Golfgate excursion if it was, let’s say, a Spa Trip by female TDs. The only principle of the Sisterhood is: if it’s women, I defend them


Boxtickin virtue signalling.

And I love women. Mostly.


Slipped into a wider case of woke-scolding. Irish woman sublimates her seething at marking of death of elderly “racist/misogynist/etc” in other country whose media she consumes.

Why was it right for an international women’s football friendly between England and France to be pulled from BBC Four yet shown online? Was showing the match online-only somehow less offensive to the grief-stricken than broadcasting it on BBC Four?


More Sisterhood thinking - this time from a man.

Reality check: women’s rugby probably isn’t profitable anywhere in the world. It relies on handouts and double headers with the men’s game


This has been pretty much my observation.
It’s like the plucking a goose analogy. Pulling the feathers from where the hissing will be least.


Continuous assessment is bad for boys and good for girls - but you won’t hear that in any debate on Leaving Cert reform.

This move could be interpreted as part of a wider Institutional acknowledgement that systems, including educational systems, should be tailored to managing the emotions of the most neurotic and “stressed” in society.

The motto of the Irish Education system since about 1986 (when all exams got noticeably easier) is ‘If it’s working, break it’


“And it is a serious problem because if a guy is followed up the road and being stalked, his fear is that he is going to be assaulted and have his head kicked but for women, if they are stalked, the fear is that they will be raped or sexually assaulted.”

Some handy minimizing of violence against men (who are much more likely to be assaulted)

‘Lighten up Bro. It’s only a random assault where you got your head kicked in. It’s not like there was sexual motive’


Standard Trotskyite- Feminist stuff that we’re used to

  1. Create a sham democratic body for cover
  2. Appoint a feminist to chair
  3. Frame the issues in a feminist way
  4. Make sure your proposal “seems like it’s doing good” while actually doing harm

The members voted overwhelmingly to replace Article 41.2 of the Constitution which states: “In particular the State recognises that by her life within the home, woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved.
“The State shall, therefore, endeavour to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home.”
In line with constitutional change, they recommended that carers should have a pay structure and benefits (including sick pay and pensions) that reward their level of skill and training, similar to those of teachers and nurses.

  1. The suckers in your sham democratic body vote for it.

They really hate 41.2. It’s an irrational, god-hating hatred.


There really is no lower creature in the world than the male feminist. Also there’s the Asian Solidarity thinking to Liew as well.

Osaka’s function as an entertainer and corporate billboard is contingent on her playing tennis at an appointed hour, rather than being forced to sit in a windowless room explaining herself to a roomful of middle-aged men.

This dynamic is only exacerbated in women’s tennis, a highly visible enterprise that takes place not just in a largely white male space, but a white-male-with-free-food space. That sense of voracious, engorged entitlement often manifests itself in exceptionally creepy ways. Question: “I noticed you tweeted a picture. Are you prepared that if you go on a long run you may be held up as a sex symbol, given you’re very good looking?” (Genie Bouchard, Wimbledon 2013.) Question: “You’re a pin-up now, especially in England. Is that good? Do you enjoy that?” (A 17-year-old Maria Sharapova, Wimbledon 2004.) And of course there are plenty of decent, curious journalists out there doing decent, curious things. In a way, this is what makes the chronic lack of self-awareness so utterly self-defeating. Read the room. We are not the good guys here. We are no longer the power. And one of the world’s best athletes would literally rather quit a grand slam tournament than have to talk to the press. Rather than scrutinising what that says about her, it might be worth asking what that says about us.

Two somewhat sexist questions, 9 years apart, to two athletes who definitely have used their attractiveness for commercial purposes…are cobbled together into an anti-male narrative.


I recognised at the time of the gay marriage referendum that the amendment was incompatible with the “woman in the home” clause and would generate need for further changes.

What is interesting is that the proposed changes are still incompatible with the new amendment and therefore will act as a stepping stone to further amendment.

Also the quota changes proposed by the citizens assembly will act as a stepping stone to removing the politically awkward features of democracy as the imposition of quotas for candidates in elections will be deemed insufficient if electorates fail to elect quota mandated candidates in sufficient proportions. This will mean that the democratic system will be further altered to become more like the Baathist, Soviet or Lebanese model where people can choose between candidates but only within quotas for different demographics.


It’s defacto TREASON. All of it.

Yet the constitutional protections are wanting in the extreme and the definition of Treason is very narrow, in fact (Treason is probably seen a a extremist-white-male-privledge thing these days), the removal of capital punishments was the blank cheque to run riot and run riot they did and continue to do.

Infiltration instead of invasion. couldn’t be more applicable, the State is the poster boy for the Rainbow Eco Warrior Brave New World Order for the Gods of the New Age.

It’s been an insidious process nothing short of totally catastrophic for Irish nation and because no one will stand to protect the ultimate victims, the children, then nothing will arrest the total annihilation of a place and it’s people.

You’re are being transitioned whether you like it or not, ah but sure we get lashings of WFH and it’s grand right?

Well, maybe go have a chat with your 20+ year old self and ask them, would you have believed all that you have witnessed that has come to pass and how do they feel about it?


But all these amendments will be ratified by referendum with big majorities.
Including, eventually, the most insidious one of all:
Thirty-ninth Amendment of the Constitution (Right to Housing) Bill 2020

You can vote your way into communism but…


Only women can represent women effectively,’ says candidate Claire Byrne at launch



A career of environmental hustling and not much else…


On Thursday night his partner posted a tribute on social media.
She wrote: “I can’t believe I’m even writing this with the heaviest heart please just someone slap me this is all a nightmare there is no such thing as god.
She added: “You were so loved by everyone you have me lost I honestly can’t believe this my Karl I love you to peace please please please watch over me my love I’ll never forget you I promise I love you so so much.
“My best friend and partner I can’t get my head around this.”

Woman, Karl is not “watching over” you. Quite the opposite probably.

Drug addict Freeman was well-known to gardai and had over 60 convictions including for thefts, burglaries, assault among others.
He once attacked an elderly couple in Wicklow in 2015 and was later convicted of aggravated burglary.
In that case, he grabbed the 65-year-old woman, who was suffering from cancer, from her bed by the neck and demanded cash

The bodies of Taylor, Freeman and Maguire were so badly burnt that a formal identification might not be made for some days.
Irish Mirror sources said it may take dental records or DNA to identify the men.


Someone insulted Niamh Smyth. So she’s looking for a law against that. It’s almost as if she’s unsuited to politics.

Reminds me of Lori Lightfoot


Deputy Leddin apologised to Independent Councillor Elisa O’Donovan after describing her as “unhinged” and claiming that she “craves fame” in a social media group.

Of course Eamon Ryan can be relied on to say something stupid

Mr Ryan said that the Limerick TD is now engaging with the party’s executive and management committee.
The Minister for Transport added that it was “correct” to apologise and that he has spoken to the TD “at length”.
“He has issued an apology, which is correct… there is no space, whether it’s private, online or a messaging system, there’s no space for any commentary which is demeaning to a person,” he said.

Then this crowd got involved in what is now Trotskyite Agit-Prop. They want punishment. Quite a violent metaphor there Caitriona - “Stamp”

A not-for-profit organisation which encourages and supports women in Ireland to run for politics called the comments about Councillor O’Donovan “appalling, disappointing and offensive behaviour”.
“Political leadership and courage is needed to stamp out this type of behaviour and thinking and those involved and responsible should really be held to account,” said Women for Election chief executive Caitriona Gleeson.
“So far, the response to Deputy Leddin’s actions or perhaps more accurately, inactions, has been muted at best from the political world. This is not really good enough.”

You’ll be delighted to know that they have many funding sources but most importantly you effectively paid the CEO’s salary

Women for Election is funded through a mix of philanthropic grants, donations and revenue generated through our training programmes.

Minister Peter Burke announces funding of €126,159 to Women for Election to support more female participation in local politics


Protecting the sisterhood’s feelings trumps objections about the baby holocaust.

On foot of a letter from Green Party TD Neasa Hourigan and Green Party Senator Pauline O’Reilly,

“The right to protest is an incredibly important part of the democratic process. However, protesting at sites where people are accessing services often at a difficult time in their lives is undertaken to intimidate and coerce those who need our protection and care,” the letter states.
"The women’s caucus has a key role in defending the rights of women and people to access care in confidence and peace

One TD present said: “It was really positive, as not everyone would have the same view on abortion but all the women agreed that this is something that should be done.”

Note the tippytoeing. They want to be able to intimidate their own opponents and hurt their feelings. They just want to ensure the sisterhood is protected.