Sisterhood: "We will jail you for calling one of us Fat Arse"


@Open_Window This thread will soon be Haram. There is no one who will stand against this legislation. No one cares as much. The only response is never to vote for a woman politician. Ever.

She pointed towards the Online Safety Bill which has gone through pre-legislative scrutiny and will be coming before the Oireachtas shortly

“Solidarity” is a code word for sisterhood


Maybe there’s a role here for solidarity among elected representatives to make sure that the online safety bill also protects us.”


She said that while politicians need a thick skin “you certainly do not need to suck it up when you are told that you’re going to be raped for doing your job, you’re going to be assaulted, you’re told you’re crazy, you’re told any of those things”.

Well, if you say crazy things?


“The second thing I did then was put in a copyright because they were manipulating my own videos to make me out looking like a witch, and that was also refused.

Post Constitutional Republic - Globalist Pharma Tech Colony Estb. July 21st, 2021

Ah yea, meant to start a thread on moves to the putting in place of an online safety Tzar (commissioner) and the online safety bill, that’s been bubbling for a few years now - what could go wrong!

The Menace has had this all planned out, it only has one playbook.

From a 2019 thread:

Src: Antifa

If you want the answer it was posted a few posts later are > Antifa


I start to suspect that labelling everyone who opposes the social changes they want to implement as “The Far Right” isn’t going to way they think it will.

I highly recommend this book -


Learned victimhood. It’s an Industry. A profitable Industry. Who do you think owns that Industry? :whistle:


This is not true anymore and is one of the reasons for the rise of what’s termed ‘blue labour’ in the UK and also similar swings to the right amongst working class voters in many other countries.

Leftism has abandoned collectivism in favour of the type of hyper individualist identity politics favoured by progressive liberals….and it’s no surprise that the left has become the political identity of choice for university educated progressives as a result.

Meanwhile the collectivist impulse of working class voters and others has drifted toward political parties who promote a more nationalist outlook.

Another outcome of the strangeness of the past decade


I don’t agree, and this and the Globohomo and Transhumanism threads show why.

The whole drive of the Left is still collectivist. It sets itself above God and seeks to tinker with social spending and lockdowns and speech codes in a mad ideology to try to eliminate “harm”. These schemes invariably backfire. It hates beauty and achievement (particular white beauty and achievement). The focus on an individual expressing themselves through their sexuality is not a sign of a contempt for collectivism. It’s the natural result of an ideology that abandons self control and elevates sexual expression to a religion. We’ve known since St Paul’s time that you can either build your society below God or around Sex - sexual immorality is a strong competitor to Christianity and if not kept in check can vanquish it. The writers of the foundational books on progressivism like Wilhelm Reich and Kinsey knew this. So they promoted unrestricted sex as the route to personal and societal health. A disaster for us all driven by a hatred of European Christianity and their own perversions.

The Right has always cared to different extents about the Volk. It’s mostly the Hayek Libertarians who have done an entryist job on “conservativism” and now wear it as a skin suit. Boris is not really a conservative. Sure he wants the trappings of a stable home counties lifestyle but he’s not actually “conserving” much. He’s a Libertarian satyr.


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Fascinating & Shocking. Always avoid BPD women

Eighteen months prior to making the complaint against the man, the woman had claimed she was raped by another unrelated individual.
She later withdrew this allegation and admitted that it was fabricated arising out of her frustration due to her history of sexual abuse, family problems and alcohol issues


You can file this under Sisterhood Thinking


Women are about to change the law and introduce criminal penalties because (although they repeatedly claim they’re just as good and actually better at being politicians than men)…they can’t handle being called Fat Arse online (especially if they actually have a fat arse)

The tactic has been set out in the abortion referendum win- focus public discourse on the hard cases but it’s really their comfort and convenience thats at issue ie the Fat Arse Problem.

Emma de Souza quite cynically mixes in stalking and threats and uses the word Violence repeatedly.

Edit - it’s interesting that women in public life are campaigning to create a protected class out of…women in public life. Or will a man get sent to jail for the “harm” of causing his wife Fat Arse?


Women in positions of power do get more threats than men in equivalent positions though, not only personal insults but real threats too. You also don’t know which ones will stay at jokes / insults and which ones will turn nasty. Sociopaths can be very charming and women are less physically threatening, so more of a target for those out there who get their jollies from making targets squirm.

But even the insults and asides are just so tiring. Not in your twenties, but by the time you thirty something it’s annoying and in your forties or later you start getting really pissed off. You end up spending energy or having to make allowances in your time or rhetoric for the fact that you have to convince people you can do the job, instead of being automatically assumed capable. Not always no, but it happens. There are double blind studies now (eg online courses where you don’t ‘see’ the faculty member) showing the bias is real. And that it comes from female students nearly worse than from male ones, crazy as that sounds :slightly_frowning_face:

And yes I know not all men, but a lot and it’s tiring. Wastes time, wastes energy and reduces productivity because you have to dedicate some time/energy to counter it.


No. Women (including you) are just blind to men’s suffering - unless it’s their son. From the comments.

A significant body of research shows that male politicians receive more abuse than women
While the abuse is different in nature it’s no less pointed or vile- surprisingly, the impact is often greater on men.

The point is: instead of “diversity is a strength”
We are being told: actually we’re weaker in every respect. But weakness is a strength or something. And we’re going to put you in jail for “harming” us. Which we will broadly define to include calling us Fat Arse.


I’m well aware that younger men are at higher risk of suicide, substance abuse and depression.

Does most violence to men come from men or women?

Does most violence to women come from men or women?


Total strawman. We already have laws against violence. This is a law against calling prominent women (or perhaps all women?) Fat Arse.

Bizarrely it’s also a law against certain “wishing”. e.g. wishing harm. So we’re in a late Roman Empire, pre Christianization stage when it became very superstitious and they made illegal to have a prominent person’s horoscope done without their knowledge.


Ah - the article is paywalled (& the archive), so I didn’t realise it was trying to make it criminal speech. I thought it was stating that this happens, and more frequently with women. Not that the bar for criminalising speech is to be brought dangerously low, and inequitably. That is too far and would be an infringement of freedom of speech. Which can be hard to deal with but is a reality if you want free speech. Any law should apply to both men and women equally in any case.


Having read the last few posts.

I feel like the Origin of the Species theory, and the idea of Survival of The Fittest, has been transposed into a kind of Origin of the Victims - Survival of the Moaniest treatise to be applied to the world for less than shits and giggles.

The greater the victim can evolve their adaptive iterative lash back mechanism, the greater the survival chances and continuation of these traits will occur and be passed to each generation, if it requires legislation overruling biology so be it, these are but tools of the expression of the evolution are they not - stuff like assuaging institutional creep and nudging or poising of the seed, killing the unborn, undermining the family, all of this and many more clever tricks to assure a type of victim status remains dominant, I just think “witch”, and it’s colloquial vernacular context, but that’s controversial to some ears.

The truth is the even more controversial, because it is true, that both the male and female aspects have also both the positive and negative attributes within their whole, anything other is confusion or an all out assault by the insane on the innocent.

Here we are witness to the weaponisation of many of the negative aspects of the feminine, and you can see this align with how communism works, it was the motherland after all not the fatherland. It is not empowering one bit, unless you include the parasite in the equation, then you can fix the receipent of said empowerment.

It’s destructive the same way the destructive aspects of the male energy can be destructive, but behaves, acts and manifests differently. See clever tricks above. No one man or woman should be proud of their capacity for bad behaviour.

It is about waking up and realising the clever tricks of manipulation you have been fed as truth and a new philosophies to worship or get lost within, and so it is about taking one step closer to bringing into focus the parasite source.

Rejecting it means detoxing, thus killing the parasite, disempowering it totally within the self, and then being truly free to be the arbitrar of the souls journey to the destination that unites us all, so you may bask in the immutable glory, on your knees in thanks and praise to the incalculable wisdom, providence and unconditional love that cradles you from cradle to grave and beyond.

Otherwise, the choice is to remain thus and cast future generations to a world destroyed by eternal victimhood.