Sisterhood: "We will jail you for calling one of us Fat Arse"


To a degree & I did watch that show. They were a unified group with little infighting though, except that time Willow went cray cray & even then they were trying to cure her or stop what they thought was a type of possession.

So some woke memes & yes probably the gentle predecessor, which had a passionate fandom, then glee used a similar formula but even more sjw themes & factions & infighting?


I didn’t watch enough to say. But both Buffy & Glee were really descendants of the 80’s (Jewish) Hollywood movies where the Nerds are the real heroes not the Jocks.

But in real life it’s the Jock Football player who is more moral and brave. Every time.


Sisterhood: we will campaign to cancel your program for making us feel it’s wrong to be fat
(Girly males are part of the sisterhood, seemingly)

“This weight loss entertainment show is promoting unsustainable rapid weight loss, encouraging disordered eating behaviours and perpetuating weight stigma. Please consider decommissioning this programme, it is negatively impacting Ireland’s public health.”
Attitudes towards weight and body positivity have changed since Operation Transformation first aired. And while it is too soon to judge this year’s series – presenter Kathryn Thomas may well speak to the criticism in episode one tonight – it is undeniable that RTÉ has failed to keep pace with the times.
Instead, it has fallen into the trap of relying on a formula that may have worked a decade ago but which is no longer fit for purpose. Operation Transformation remains a key part of RTÉ’s new year schedule – but ironically the real transformation that needs to take place is at the national broadcaster, which continues to promote formats that have outlived their best-by date.

Quite an editorial angle from Ed Power


The IT channelling their inner Gemma O’Doherty……next they’ll be telling us RTE is the virus ……


re. Op Trans. I thankfully dont watch it but my sister loves this junk and I had to sit down and watch it once, what amazed me me is how fat these people are like U.S style morbidly obese, 1 fella lost 1 pound and was well chuffed, if he skipped one meal in the week he could have lost 3-4 pounds.

anyway I would always praise people for exercising but these “whales” need to lose 6-7 stone before they would be considered even fat. Way too much soft soaping here though, obesity needs to be called out though, its a huge health risk for people.


It is contagious


Dare I say that because its become acceptable is why it ‘spreads through social networks’ as per the harvard article?

i.e the bullying of fat people in yesteryear actually served to prevent others from becoming so?
Id argue then that while there is likely no need to fat shame individuals there is definitely a need to call obesity and overweight as health and social issues on higher level. I.e none of this big is beautiful fat propaganda. It is literally dangerous



What made Married With Children so funny was it went out on Sunday then on Thursday night NBC would broadcast The Cosby Show as their prime time anchor show. Which was nauseating saccharine. I used to call MWC the Anti Cosby Show and was very happy to discover years later the the working title for MWC in development was Not The Cosbys. The Bundys were everything the Huxtables were not. Plus Peg’s family came from Wanker county. The writers knew exactly what they were doing. They use to sneak in some very rude jokes that went over the head of the network execs.

MWC is still going strong in syndication while The Cosby Show has disappeared down a memory hole. Pulled in 2014. Bill Cosby may be a totally sleazy piece of sh*t, kind of like Bob Hope was, but I feel sorry for all the other actors / writers etc in the show who lost the large residuals income from syndication.


On the contrary MWC was your typical Hollywood subversive stuff - always pushing boundaries, always sexualizing children. Brought to you (as always) by “Ron Leavitt”, “Katherine Green”, “Richard Gurman” and “Kim Weiskopf”.

Nothing to commend it at all. Just your typical smutty-brained, masturbation obsessed, Portnoy’s Complaint "edgy stuff"as usual from that crowd. I’m not suggesting it’s a deliberate co-ordinated thing. But it is a degenerate culture, too widespread to dismiss as the outpourings of a few perverts. And how fitting they should let us know their obsessions with the Wanker County gag.

While Ed O’Neill seems a better man Bill Cosby, there’s no doubt who was in the more perverted and subversive TV show.


Nope. That started about 10 / 15 years later.

The politics of the LA TV production industry in the 1980’s was not that different from the 1960’s. The same industry people were still in control of the top management positions. The upper management generation change started in the late 1990’s and it was in 2005/2010 that it was pretty much complete. A typical early / mid 1990’s prime time schedule was not that different from 20 years before.

Here is early 1990’s…–93_United_States_network_television_schedule

Here is late 1960’s.–69_United_States_network_television_schedule

Maybe 20% of those shows were shown outside the US but most of the 1960’s shows except for mid season cancellations were still in syndication in the 1980’s. As were a number of shows from the 1950’s.

i knew quite a few people in the trades back then. Although movies got more media attention TV production was actually the biggest part of The 'Biz in LA back then. In the 1990’s cable started making serious inroads but it was in the mid / late 2000’s when the nightly network audience fell below critical mass that the old business died. And with it any standards of taste or morals. But the end of the old order was signaled when ABC strip programmed 'Millionaire five days a week in 2000. A sign of just how bad things had become.

All ancient history now. With streaming platform owing the audience and broadcast just a dying legacy platform. Basically an Oldsmobile audience. Over 50’s and the average viewer age getting one year older every year.

Just look at last years ratings. None of the top rated 10 prime time shows would have broke Top 75 back 30 years ago.

Its dead, Jim.

As for the big abuse scandals of that era, some were in the network end of the business but the most horrific abuse was in the cable end. With both Disney and Nickelodeon so far doing a good job of keeping them out of the courts. So far. Disney did not surprise me too much but what happened at Nick in the 1990’s and the cover up by Viacom, was much worse. And a real surprise. They had run a very tight ship the first 10 years.

So no different from the Vatican really when it comes to protection pf power, reputation, and money. The only difference is that everyone working in The Biz or familiar with how it works will readily admit that its full of sleazy sh*ts. Unlike with the Vatican it seems.


No. MWC was itself, in it’s storylines and humor, degenerate. There wasn’t some mysterious ‘Shift to Degeneracy’ that happened 10 to 15 years after MWC. Hollywood has always been pushing and inserting degeneracy, but really gathering pace with the agitation against the Production Code. Was degeneracy universal on every show ? No. Not then. But the edge of the envelope was always pushed whenever possible.

By “sexualizing children” I don’t mean Disney fiddling. I mean

  • a show with puerile humour which would attract youths and children
  • an obsession with masturbating
  • storylines like the High School daughter dating much older men
  • a brother repeatedly referring to his sister as a slut

The whole MWC show is creepy & perverted and actively propagandized the sexualizing of underage children.

But the whole degeneracy is not a surprise at all if you listen to Orson’s anecdotes


Well I enjoyed the lard humour.


I remember seeing a re-run of MWC about 12 years ago and being struck by the scene in this clip

In this scene Kelly is fooled by her brother into confusing Robinson Crusoe with Gilligan’s Island and the laughter track indicates clearly that the point of the jokes are scathing mockery of a school student’s ignorance of early 18th century literature.

Barely two decades after broadcastthis seemed massively incongruous with contemporary TV where in a comparable situation the person who had read the classics would have been the one being mocked.


I see that completely differently, of course. I see it as ethnic hatred.

The paternity of the son was always a running joke. Was he really Al Bundy’s son? He represents the writers - he’s the stereotypical short, puny, levantine loser with girls who makes smart alec remarks. This is making fun of “dumb white Americans”

It’s related to the sort of ethnic hatred Maria Farmer spoke about Ghislaine Maxwell showing


I hated the way Peggy was portrayed as manipulative, whiny and always pushing her tits out. Kelly was portrayed as beautiful & I think kind at heart but a dumb sl*t.

Al looked to have his hand down his trousers a lot when watching TV.

Son was the only “normal” one.


Bob Saget died yesterday. Very creepy Eastern European/Levantine. Full House ran at the same time Married with Children did.



Sorry BG, you have not a clue what you are talking about.

I was talking about the politics the LA TV production business in the 1980’s and 1990’s and the output at the time. It was just NYC and LA back then. If you were just watching telly in Ireland at the time you would have seen less than 5% of its output and absolutely none of the context. None.

Watch much US network TV in the 1980’s or 1990’s? Remember the rise of FOX as they built out the network from 3 to 7 days a week full evening schedule? Did you watch MWC first run as broadcast or in the syndicated edit? MWC and The Simpsons (first in Tracy Ullman Show) were my Sunday evening viewing from first Fall season debut in 1987. Which I watched on KTTV.

Or how about the rise and fall of NBC as the ratings leader year after year. Very relevant to what MWC was at the time. How about the change in the production business in LA as Fox and the cable networks built out production capacity yet at the same time most on location shoots went to places like Vancouver and Toronto. Those really changed the business politics of the TV business. The money decisions came from NYC but the production and editorial decisions were made in LA.

As for the rest of your diatribe, No different from the Catholic League of Decency etc in places like Boston during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The usual BS of the petty minded censorious bigots. The reason for the Hays Code was created so that instead of a small number of 4,000 local authorities controlled by small minded petty tyrants having a veto over what was showing in the local movie houses the industry had some chance of keeping control over quality and keeping the bigots at bay. Which mostly succeeded until TV killed the mass audience in the mid 1960’s and there was a race to the bottom.

Your screed has been eternal. Before TV there were the movies. Before movies there was the theater and popular theater. Before that there were the traveling players. So nothing new, nothing original, or come to that nothing relevant. Sure the talent end of the TV and movie business is a cesspit. Nothing new there. Same in the music business. Same in all mass entertainment businesses. Because of human nature and what always happens when you mix unstable talent with sleazy business people. Read Petronius or Juvenal and you will find it was just the same in the good old days.

You know there is an off switch on the front of your telly. Sounds like you should use it more often. I do.