Sisterhood: "We will jail you for calling one of us Fat Arse"

Of course you didn’t watch the video. I forgot you made up your mind about most things in 1968. No point changing now!

Full House is an American television sitcom created by Jeff Franklin for ABC. The show chronicles the events of widowed father Danny Tanner who enlists his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis and best friend Joey Gladstone to help raise his three daughters, eldest D.J., middle child Stephanie and youngest Michelle in his San Francisco home. It aired from September 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995, broadcasting eight seasons and 192 episodes

The output of “Bob Saget”, “Dave Coulier”, “Jeff Franklin”, “David Saltzman”, “Thomas L Miller” (probable) and the rest

Standard case more or less but I had to laugh at this below

In a sworn statement to the court Ms Flanagan of Lecarrow, Hollymount, Co Mayo said the company is “very antiquated in many ways”.”

While it has some 100 workers, and generates €50 million in sales, there was a lack of gender diversity, with less than a quarter of the entire work force female, she said She was one of just three women in the firm’s head office.

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More media massaging and marketing of the globalist human trafficking game, Operation Transformation is a great term for the Menace re-engineering using population replacement measures as they mould the island of Ireland in to it’s brave new world 4ht industrial smart shit hole revolution image.

Basically so many ways they will normalise the replacement policy that is a corner stone of operation transformation and hope no one notices.

Speaking of fat arses. This may belong here

Will The Fat Become The Next Identity Politics Sacred Cow?

Unlike the unvaccinated, who are widely seen as worthy of hate and unlikely to ever be powerful enough to get revenge, the fat are increasingly to be feared.
It’s not that the fat rank terribly high on the pyramid of intersectionality…yet. But you can imagine that they might someday, and thus you can foresee yourself having your career canceled in, say, 2029 over some fat jokes you told in 2022.
You never know. I mean, did you foresee in 2013 that dudes in dresses would soon be sacred? Granted, the average fat person isn’t as tirelessly diligent in forcing the rest of us to acknowledge and submit to his or her preferred self-image as is a heterosexual man in a frock with one tasteful strand of pearls. But there are a lot more fat folks than there are ex-men.
So, better not to say anything for your permanent record.

Which clip are you talking about? The MWC one? Watched that episode when first broadcast in early 1988. That was a show produced for purely US consumption targeted at the 18 to 49 demographic. Where it did very well. US network TV shows were never made for foreign consumption. International revenue was always chump change.

Or is this about Full House? Which i dont think was ever broadcast outside the US at the time. Saccharine drivel. I did notice your lazy antisemitic dig in case you were wondering. Lots of stories kicking around about that show over the decades but they mainly point at one of the show runners and around Samos and Coulier. Saget was no saint but he was not the biggest creep on the set. Not by a long shot. Samos in particular is a real nasty piece of work by all accounts.

Now if you want the real guilty parties in these stories start with the parents of the child actors. They are the real monsters in these abuse stories. No responsible parent leaves their kids unattended anywhere near a set, audition room, rehearsal room etc. Never. And as for trailers… No responsible parent does not have themselves or a 1000% trustworthy chaperone on set at all times. And always keep a very beady eye on the lot tutors. All these abuse stories start with the greed or vanity of one of these Hollywood Mom’s. Every last one of them.

Do I think MWC is funny? Sure was. And still is. In fact just watched a whole bunch of episodes recently. They hold up really well. But there again. I remember clearly the world they were making fun of. By network TV standards the MWC production was a pretty clean show. Scandal and sleaze wise. I’m talking the stuff that outsiders never hear about. But there are a lot of shows, and a lot of actors, some of which I am certain you liked and enjoyed, which I find impossible to watch because I heard the stories of what happened on and off set and what kind of complete monsters far too many actors are. Some of the most “wholesome” and innocuous shows and actors with glowing reputations are completely unwatchable when you know what goes on behind the scenes.

As I said before the entertainment business is a total cesspit full of a lot of very nasty people. Always was, always will be. The depravity is not in some risque jokes that deliberately pushed the edge of prime time TV satirical humor 35 years ago. That’s just humor. Like it or lump it, The depravity is the business. Plain and simple. And will remain that way due to human nature. The masses want mindless entertainment and fantasy “heros” . Film stars. And unstable, unscrupulous and outright evil people will always gravitate towards this kind of business.

And I dont see how any of this has anything to do with 1968. Apart from the fact that was the first year the “New Wave” directors in LA got their calls returned by those in the C Suites. Although it was the agencies who ended up owning the whole show when the dust had settled in the early 1970’s

But thats Biz Talk.

I saw a tiktik posted to Twitter, probably by libs of tiktok, of someone saying that “eating healthy” and working out was fatphobic & insulting/disrespectful. Life is too short for me to be arsed looking for it again though. Seeing it once was enough >.<.

Actually it was one time too many.

No the Bob Saget one.

What can I say? This isnt “not joining the dots” this is “won’t join the dots”. It’s Nadia Comaneci backflips to constantly reassert “Actually, I think you’ll find it’s got nothing to do with their ethnicity!”

10.0 all round

This could go in several threads

UNESCO to teaching your Connaught kids about sex pipeline.

17 Grace Alice O’Shea
Sex and relationship educator O’Shea aims to make Ireland a more sex-positive, sex-literate country. In her work, she covers topics including consent, boundaries, bodily autonomy, sexual communication, pleasure, gender, body issues, shame and stigma. She has worked as a Unesco scholar, and with Sexual Health West as a West of Ireland Sexual Education Resource (Wiser) relationships and sexuality educator, working in schools and educational settings throughout the west of Ireland. She recently published Sex Educated , a book about sex education for young people

So some youtube guy makes some 30 min rambling video rehashing the same old sh*t. As I said Sagat was a creep but the more serious abuse stories were about others on that set. The others could have gone to jail for what they did if it were not for the company fixers. Bet you dont know about them and how that works. Or have any real idea of what kind of abuse really goes on.

Those youtube cranks and their online ilk know f*ck all about really goes on as they are all wannabes. Do you know why? Because the company fixers make sure that pretty much all the real dirt disappears very quickly online. The online scrubbing business has been very active for almost 20 years now. Another business I am sure you know nothing about.

So on the evidence so far it seems you know nothing about how the TV /movie business works in LA. All third hand hear say from fourth rate sources. You have no personal familiarity with US broadcast network TV in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Or its production. I’m sure you were not aware of any of these people at the time. I was. And your antisemitism is wearing thin by this stage. Guess what. There are lots of Jewish people in the entertainment business. Hardly surprising as they are 20% plus of the white population in most big US cities. So surprise surprise there are Jewish abusers and molesters. In the same way that almost all the child rapists and child abusers in Ireland are RC’s. The institutional ones almost all Catholic priests and clergy. Thats your people, is nt it?

The trying guilt by association works both ways you know.

And your point was?

Guess what. Your Zionism is wearing thin. Probably picked up around the '67 to '73 period when you swallowed the narrative of the plucky Jews standing up to the Arabs. I’m sure I could track down loads of child sex abuse cover ups of Rabbis, but I wouldn’t google such sick shit.

But you’re seriously trying to compare a church (which mostly had a Twink-hunting by gay priests problem relabeled as paedophilia) to an industry, dominated by Jews whose crimes are so widespread they include child abuse, Twink hunting, and the casting couch ? And you’re such a double standards anti-Catholic bigot & hypocrite you’d see the priest abuse as evidence of something really wrong with Catholicism and Irishness but there’s nothing at all wrong with the Jews in Hollywood?

Get off your high horse. You don’t like that a program you have fondness for - Married with Children - was (Jewish) subversive stuff with creepy undertones. And you don’t like that, contrary to your all your assertions that, degeneracy occurred 15 years later than MWC, Full House was just one of a thousand examples of creepiness happening at the same time as MWC and before it.

Do you think your super special inside knowledge of Hollywood exceeds, I don’t know, Orson Welles’ ! He knew the score.

My Lunches with Orson: Conversations Between Henry Jaglom and Orson Welles

Either way there always exists an institution to be affiliated with or an identity group to be a part of or an industry to work in that makes child abuse easier to perpetrate than any other and the more perceptive degenerates with the strongest sense of self-preservation will find it and flock to it.
Currently it is the state which is the worst of all possible vectors for this evil as it is the only one that is impossible to peacefully opt out of and it makes us all culpable as tax-payers who are funding the unthinkable things that continue to go on and continue to be excused.

This is an example of sisterhood thinking. Ilhan saw a woman business owner being singled out and crossed party lines to complain.

The bleeding state of this rag nowadays

The idea that this shouldn’t be happening to “civilised”, “white”, “prosperous”, “well-dressed”, “middle-class”, “Christian” folk with blue eyes and blonde hair is the most disturbing kind of European exceptionalism. It also reveals an anxiety about the fragility of western hegemony, which suddenly looks decidedly more precarious than it did. To be fair, many of those perpetuating these tropes were reporting live from warzones in high-stress situations, trying to capture their sense of unreality at what they were witnessing, and failing badly.

I’ll be ok so…

Ask a single Millennial female what her problem is and she won’t tell you it’s the wrong kind of man staring at her on tube trains; it’s the kind of man she could stare at all day not staring at her, ever.

What’s crazy is that Normie right wing publications like the Spectator now agree with and spread Bronze Age Pervert talking points

I found this interesting. Feminism-related I think.

The woke-skeptical left wants people to have meaning in life, but is uncomfortable with the things that actually give them meaning

How women ruined university philosophy departments in the UK since only 2011. (Seemingly by toddlerizing, tone policing and bitchiness)

The most obvious manifestation of this change was that younger British members of departments started talking like fake Yanks. An implausible degree of positivity in talks became the norm, even amongst the otherwise morose. Upward inflection became commonplace, as did the intensifier “super”, an implied exclamation mark, and an unfeasibly perky demeanour (see, for instance: “Thanks for a great talk, that was super insightful!”, uttered enthusiastically by someone from Wolverhampton).

During question periods there was also a noticeable shift. Elaborate rules would be announced by the chair at the beginning of every question period, the better to try to control unruly audience members. “Junior and minority scholars” would be prioritised over others to ask their questions first; "a hand” should be raised for a main question; “a finger” for a subsidiary follow-up; “hands” absolutely could not be smuggled in as “fingers”, and so on. A typical interaction between chair and questioner would go: (Chair:) “Is that really a finger, or is it a hand?” (Questioner:) “It’s definitely a finger!” (Reader, it was hardly ever a finger)

Instead of trying to eviscerate the speaker with a devastating question, the new tendency was to try to be constructive and collaborative in one’s approach, identifying not what was wrong with the speaker’s argument, but what was right about it - a bit like the “Two stars and a wish” approach of the primary school teacher, and with about the same level of satisfying adult engagement

Generally it seemed to me that, as ostentatious expressions of civility went up, standards of inquiry dropped - because as a questioner, you no longer had to have grasped the form of the argument to ask an acceptable question; and as a speaker, you no longer faced the same degree of robust challenge so were less able to identify what there was in your position to improve.

What I suspect this style more likely was, was a development of behavioural codes and rituals familiar from a private education.

Where that aggression had formerly been expressed and so somewhat contained within the combative rituals of the seminar room, it now sought new outlets. And what it found was the internet.

An example was being set for younger onlookers, desperately hungry to get into the profession permanently, and standing relatively little chance given the paucity of jobs and the high number of competitors. It told them that self-aggrandising and bullying others was acceptable in the philosophy profession as long as it was in the name of social justice. And it told them that drawing attention to their own presumed victimhood was good for their careers, since it was likely to draw the approval of more powerful others

No wonder the country is a shambles with Regina Doherty as a serious politician

"If I had a magic wand, every school would have to have both sexes and it would be a gender empowering environment.
“Though we need to make classes available to both sexes, what are we going to do about the culture that does exist when we do make them available?”
She said relationship and sexual health education (RSE) is the most important subject that pupils should be taught in school. “It is not being taken as seriously as it should be. It should be fundamental and mandatory.”

Two points

  1. There’s been a precipitous decline in male achievement at second level as the culture has become more feminized

  2. Be careful what you wish for Regina…with a multiethnic society the daughters of Ireland will be a lot safer in single sex schools

Heard an advert on Off the Ball for this shite. Note the language being. They aren’t really being asked. They’re ordered. If they fail to comply they can be subject to a High Court Order to comply.

The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 requires organisations to report on their hourly gender pay gap across a range of metrics.

Organisations with over 250 employees are being asked to report on their Gender Pay Gap for the first time in 2022.

Gender pay gap though. Get the CEO to get a gender recognition cert and hey presto…

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