Site in Clonee shuts down

Subcontracter mate of mine informs me that a site in clonee which was supposed to run til christmas has shut down.

no warning.

Developer claimed Government informed him he’d built his quota.

main contracter routinely withheld up to 30% of final payment due based on spurious claims. Says it’s standard practice in building industry.

Was he milking cows on that site??? What BOLLOX!

sounds like subcontractors tax. If a contractor doesnt have their tax affairs in order u have to withhold money and give it directly to the revenue.

sounds like standard procedure for some contractors. Some of these guys just don’t pay if they think they can get away with it

my sentiments exactly but that was explanation subby was given

I didn’t poke too much in to it.

The cash witheld was not tax related.

the main contracter routinely gives a list of tasks or reasons that part of the payment is being witheld. complete nonsense but a regular practice in the industry by all accounts.

"you left gaf x y z untidy and I had to hire two lads to clean it so I’m witholding x for payment etc etc "

always happens on last payment.

Yep, the CASH cow :stuck_out_tongue: