Slavoj Žižek: The Revolt of the Salaried Bourgeoisie (LRB)

Interesting piece on the general theme of bourgeoisie, protest and failings of capitalism; this particularly caught the eye: … ourgeoisie

Typical Entryist stuff from a Marxist.

God forbid we should have any critical analysis from a heterodox point of view.

Yeah some of that would be nice.
Instead there’s a fossilised beardie trying to squeeze events into his worldview.

I agree he is stuck in a timewarp but I still found it an intersting read - I’ll give Marx his due: He thought long and hard about his theories, pity Marxists have not moved on.

Marx took other peoples work (even the Communist manifesto) and added his own spin, he never defined many of the terms he used nor could he defend his work during his lifetime, as a result some professors make a living today putting their own spin on “what Marx really meant was…”