Sleepy Hollow Malahide


Does anyone have any info on the sleepy hollow development in Malahide and for those who viewed it what are their thoughts on it? … ty/2338209

I think currently the first phase is sold but there’s a second phase to come next year that I might hold on for if they are a decent build and within budget. So far I just rang the EA and was told they were sold and I took a drive up and just seen that 3 terraced houses and a detached 2 storey are built (with some lived in). At the time it looked like they were starting on the bungalows.


Just to give an update I found out that the second phase definitely won’t be started until 2014 When the first phase is completed and all houses are sold/lived in. This is a stipulation from the council to avoid ghost estates I believe.

I also found out that there’s planning in for 76 houses that is being objected against on the otherside of the road from sleepy hollow (not sure how far north or south it is). Again there’s no indication of when this is proposed to be built and there’s no sign of the road being upgraded (stipulation of the build according to article below). … 14602.html

Growing up my buddy who lived on Kinsealy lane lived in Kinsealy, not Malahide.

Somehow people started calling Kinsealy, Malahide, and swords Malahide, it is only a matter of time before the entire Northside is in Malahide…

To be honest we like the location, the fact that it may be tenuous to being Malhide or Kinsealy is not that important too us as we would like to be close to Malhide but not too close and the other thing about it is that it’s a much quieter area than say the swords road. The proximity to Malahide Castle is also a positive. The fact is its hard to find detached houses in the greater Malahide area that don’t have absolutely prohibitive prices.

I noticed new signage there yesterday. Looks like Phase 2 launches 13th September.