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Someone I know has looked at it. Someone I know has looked at it.

Bid 214K and wait and see. Loads of properties for sale in Sligo for sale at silly prices. Ballinode in particular springs to mind.

A hell of a lot of people who work in Sligo actually live good bit away from the town.

Sligo is home to a lot of deluded people IRO property values.

You’d buy/build a pretty snazzy bungalow for 330K and it wouldn’t be a semi-d.

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I thought for a moment that this would be some sort of joke thread on Lissadell house, given that it is in the main forum and not in Sell, Buy or Rent.

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I have planning for a 2200 sq foot house on my own land, have been given a quote of €65 per/sq foot for a full finish, including the landscaping. When the planning sign was up beside the road I must have had 30 business cards stuck on it.


my offer here would be 98,987euro, 4 heavy pigs, a pick axe and a sack of sack cloths…no more…no less…

No more or less :question: