Sloppy sloppy journalism

In Saturdays Examiner there was a headline

€3k payment to ESB workers ‘was a bonus’

Bristling with indignation and outrage I was about to attack my nearest ESB pole, when I read the article the first paragraph reads

How difficult is it for an editor to check that you have named the correct company. Its just sloppy Sloppy journalism … 0I.twitter

Technically speaking, it’s sloppy sub-editing.

But its indicative of the state of Irish journalism

When that poor Irish mountaineer was struck by lightning & killed a few months back climbing Kilimanjaro, Pascal Sheehy, RTE News, in a pre recorded piece stated

“The body is being removed from Tasmania.” This went out on the 6pm and 9pm news.

Not Tanzania, no?

True, we should not even be surprised at this point…

Passengers to check themselves through emigration at Dublin Airport in new trial of border controls

Maybe they are trying to piss off Enda and everyone in Mayo London had a great win today in the Connaught championship and are now into the SEMI FINAL

London secure Connacht title … 97856.html

Jaysus that’s bad - we must have given them a walkover

Ray Houghton - 25 years on from that memorial night in Stuttgart … 39803.html

Surely memorable, no?

Jesus they are brutal.

That’s so bad it’s funny. :laughing:

I’m fairly certain it was a day-time game too.

Started at about 3pm.

In all fairness pointing out shyte journalism, bad grammar and spelling mistakes in the Indo is like taking candy from a baby.

They do that too :open_mouth:

Well, they seemingly took a lot of common sense from the house-buying public!

RTE this time.

Apparently the Department of the Environment has a Junior Minister with responsibility for trade. I would have thought that fitted better in the Department of Enterprise. :angry: … committee/

No doubt everyone saw the Labour Party’s error already during the week. Someone having a Freudian moment…

O’Dea in popularity upswing.