Sloppy sloppy journalism


it’s a shallow, patronising article. That it comes from a University professor shows how badly the world is dumbing down


That marketeers increase margins on certain goods because of perceived value added?

Consumers are dumb and pay extra for certain things. Businesses charge what the market will bear. And this clown thinks he has a moral obligation to stop this from happening? What next - he’ll be demanding Heinz charge the same for their baked beans as Lidl?

Mercille was lauded here and elsewhere for calling out Marc Coleman on his nonsense. However his testimony on the media to the Banking Enquiry was pathetic. Complete lack of rigour when it came to analysis of media bias .


The article is stupid and childish but your fetishisation of the invisible hand is clever and mature? That might be arseways. Discrimination in pricing is the kind of thing consumer protection laws are intended to combat. If black people were being charged more for haircuts perhaps the problem would be clearer to you or perhaps you’d just assume black people are ‘dumb’ too. Why doesn’t the ESB charge twice the amount for electricity, the idiots would pay it after all, it’s a monopoly. There is no perceived value add, there is an effort to present the same thing as two different objects or services by superficially transforming them. Your paranoid too, the point of the exercise is not to ban certain business behaviors but to increase public awareness of the fact that these are standard practices by business. That’s a proper role for journalism. There is so much shit in the Irish media, Im amazed that you are having an ideological panic attack over this story.


I thought Nuala O’Faoilain was very good during and after her period in Belfast. Apart from that she was predictable and shrill. But she could write.

Una is predictable, shrill and poor at writing.

Almost everyone working in the Irish Times is under educated and mediocre. And desperately in need of life experience. They are so insular themselves while being convinced Ireland is insular. Frank McNally and Paul Howard are good.

Una’s writing is like a first year undergraduate. She’s got the reading list and is eager on the topic but the writing is childlike. The references to intersectional feminism are saddening somehow.

Her Cologne piece was awful. She will never write anything worse. I hope.


That is a visual image that I really really did not need popping up in my brain



If you think electricity and consumer discretionaries are equivalent then I’m sorry for wasting my time.

Bringing black people into this is beyond idiotic. charging extra for pink packaging is not discrimination

ideological panic attack ? No it’s simply one of the most depressing visible forms of a dumb nanny state mentality that assumes people are morons and need to be protected; and the sort of inane rubbish that gives “liberalism” a bad name. Coming from a prominent media academic who’s on the State payroll shows it’s not just confined to rubbish websites

my paranoid?

I can only presume (hope) he knows that abolition (which is in the hands of the Government) will never happen and he’s pandering


Having met a representative cross section of the general public, this is one assumption with which I wouldn’t disagree. :wink: :smiley:

The problem is that those who would seek to do the protection are drawn from the same pool. :frowning:


There is nothing nanny state about pointing out to consumers that the same tat in different packages is priced differently. And would that we lived in an economy without state regulation, like say the 19th century. If you think the price mechanism is sufficient to prevent businesses ripping off people, poisoning them, destroying the environment, etc, then you’ve been living in a nanny state for too long and have no idea how that might work out. As for the kind of work academics should be doing, gimme a break. Studying pricing and how the price mechanism works and breaks down is useful research, and publishing stuff like this in media is a useful service. It really is an ideological prejudice you’re displaying, lacking information is not dumb and not recognizing that business has more power (and information) than consumers in most markets is purposely blind.


Where would the plain people of Ireland be without the journal and their hard hitting financial expose

The mighty Patriarchal capitalism looks upon their work and trembles with despair


And then something comes along that makes you realise that paid-for journalism is for.

Anatomy of a Scam by Peter Murtagh


Yeah, good piece.

There was a decent report on the new Dublin drug scene recently … -1.2595144

This isn’t rocket science, doesn’t require a deep throat source. Just a bit of hard work

And it’s proper social affairs, not the Guardian-esque campaigning Kitty churns out


Right - the local Tesco, that bastion of culture, had no foreign papers today so no Guardian. Mrs. YM, the reader of dead trees in this house was offerred the IT as an alternative - too badly written, too whingy opinionated (whether their left or right posters), too insular to Ireland and particularly Dublin. One page of foreign news copied from the newswires… it’s not particularly special.


Yeah, that’s a good piece. Perhaps we should have a thread about good journalism too?


Good piece on ohiggins report by gene Kerrigan.
I’m guessing he and Paul williams aren’t tea buddies at the independent … 15747.html

#194 … the-euros/

What about Ireland, Eamon, would you feel safe going to Ireland?


And the only piece on the Garda whistleblower revelations today in the indo … 21421.html
Garda cleared of leaking Clare Daly arrest info. Synopsis , nobody leaked anything and the Garda accused will now sue for the accusation


Eamon is far better at entertaining than he is at risk assessment. Unfortunately for himself, he is not aware of that.


Not sloppy but what a terrible piece to appear in the Opinion section of the ‘Paper of Record’
It’s so easy to be outraged these days and get your blatherings on it published … -1.2677199

Elsewhere in the Opinion section, Una is having a whinge on days old football related matters that since done and dusted. But can’t let that stop another whingefest


She really is painful.

Interesting that she finds anti-women stuff to be offended about in an activity that excludes men.


It actually doesn’t :smiley:

You can find men in blonde wigs and wearing various breast-like appendages running every year presumably for a charitable cause.


pretty sure they’re bandits- not officially registered and don’t get a medal (for completing the mini-marathon - of 10k length…)