Sloppy sloppy journalism


I’ve seen them run with numbers. Maybe they apply with female names. I don’t really care.

My point is there is no impediment to men participating if they really want to.


They’ve been clamping down on that – refusing entry, etc. They really don’t want men running it (or raising money).

#203 … -1.2681711

not for the first time Una Dolally fails to realise that pour over doesn’t mean what she thinks it does … -1.2543067


Interesting. Didn’t know that one myself


Journalists often have appalling grammar and spelling. That’s why newspapers have sub-editors.


when I write a (free) letter to the newspaper I agonize over the construction, grammar and spelling. Even after I’ve hit send I reread it. I think someone getting paid to write a column in the newspaper of record should do the same. It’s supposed to be really tough for young journalists to get a break. Amazing how Ms Mullally was plucked from the obscurity of the Sunday Tribune’s TV review and given a prime spot on the IT Op-Ed Page…

Her shiteness goes beyond the occasional spelling error; her writing is clunky as it gets. In fact it’s appalling that someone who writes as poorly as she does was able to graduate from University with a BA in Journalism.


it was pointed out in the comments of the first article. Luckily Una has succeeded in banishing most of the regular commentators…


Whatever about your own expectations and diligent letter writing, the fact is that they’re not paid to produce perfect spelling and grammar and I wouldn’t expect Una to be any better or worse than the others.

You only notice it because of the sub-editors failure to correct. Maybe the sub-editor can’t bear to read her output either.

I don’t have a particularly strong views about Una. Her output seems to irritate some of the most reactionary and conservative Pinsters and that pleases me slightly. :smiley:


What part of “she’s a terrible, lazy writer with zero talent and no insight into anything and is in the wrong job” don’t you get? :slight_smile:

Writers like Michael Harding are a pleasure to read - I wouldn’t notice typos or imperfect grammar. However no subeditor can turn a sows ear into a silk purse. There is simply no flow to her writing.

conservative :unamused: - she’s a prototypical self interested middle class SCD handwringer. Opposes University fees for the wealthy and CBI mortgage rules for example. If I fail to get exercised by similarly shit right-wingers it’s because they don’t get published in the IT… 8DD


Breda O’Brien ?

edit: the first item found on the IT website was this, where she makes out Philip Nitschke to be a pervert. … -1.2680182


She’s a headbanger but last time I read her pieces (a long time ago) they were at least well written - that’s was my point


OK. I fully support your technical dogmatism but unless I’ve misremembered (and I’m far too lazy to check it all), much of the criticism of Una on this site concerns her politics not her technical writing ability.


this is the sloppy journalism thread not the intellectually incoherent political writing one.


Really? I suppose they don’t flow badly, but they tend to be pretty incoherent in message; making spectacular leaps of logic, etc. I tend to find the latter more annoying than the former.


Oh, OK. I blame FreeFallin for starting the derailment on page four. :smiley:


Very good prose stylists (prize-winning novelists) are often very bad at distilling their thoughts into 1,200 words to make a point.

Jeremy Clarkson has a very limited vocabulary and claims he writes his Sunday Times column in a mere 20 minutes, but you’ll always read to the end.

Very few opinionists can do style and content well. Fintan O’Toole (IT) and Janan Ganesh (FT) are rare examples


I thought she died during the apocalypse she promised that would come from the icky gays being allowed to marry? :unamused:

Her writing for the IT always makes me consider whether I should continue to pay them my subscription as in doing so I’m partly supporting that vile cretin and lining her pockets.


Her inability to spell correctly is the least I’d be concerned about when reading that rubbish. She obviously thinks that all house hunters in Ireland are unmarried, childless, lesbians to whom communal living must seem ideal.


Changes coming on Newstalk
Newstalk’s political Editor Shane Coleman will be joined by TV3 news broadcaster Collette Fitzpatrick, INM’s Paul Williams and former Irish Rugby star Alan Quinlan to anchor the station’s new Breakfast Show. Business Editor … presenters

Listening to Paul Williams every morning on the way to work extolling the virtues of Gardai, reprimanding whistle blowers and focusing the attention of the nation
on the leopard from Ballybrack or whatever he has come up with that morning.


Chris Donohue on Drivetime could be good though. I like him.