Sloppy sloppy journalism


I can only presume that’s a joke. Idiot cant talk straight most of the time.


You beat me to it. I think perhaps it’s the ideological bent/political leaning that endears Chris to Mantissa :laughing:


Yeah probably! But I like the way he an Ivan Yates interact as well. Pity he has to head off for Family Bankruptcy Tourism Part II.


I will check out drivetime , I love Yates and Chris.
I can’t listen to George Hook at all anymore, but this means I will be switched off till Moncrieff every day.


I don’t know have I become more liberal or he’s veered more conservative, but in the last couple of years I’ve found him harder and harder to listen to.

Chris Donohue has his moments, would consider him far from the worst broadcaster around. His drivetime show could definitely be good.


I think Hookie is getting old and curmudgeonly. Definitely a bit more set in his views.


Una Mullally seems to have disappeared from the Irish Times?

No column this week (masochist that I am I was wondering what kind of a dogs dinner analysis of Brexit she’d provide)

no profile pic on the Columnists page; no longer mentions IT on her Twitter Profile

there is hope yet for standards in Irish Journalism


Good spot! Perhaps she’s just on holidays? Does sound quite suspect, though…

Maybe Breda O’Brien will step in and give her analysis of Brexit and how great it will be that evil promiscuous Irish women might not be able to go to the UK in coming years to avail of evil abortions!


Actually, I suspect the prospect of Brexit is a disaster for the anti-abortion crowd. Britain has been providing the middle-class with abortions for decades, which is probably the only reason the law hasn’t changed; it mostly effects poor people. The possibility of a change there makes it a whole different question.


Una’s not leaving the IT…she’s a future Editor!
I see an article today from her on the National Children’s choir in the IT


English Channel renamed. Obviously because of Brexit.
*It made it’s way across the British Channel and into Galway Bay from it’s home port of Charlestown Harbour in Cornwall.


Anyone involved in a newspaper who can’t tell the difference between its and it’s should be sacked immediately.

Three times in an article under 100 words in length! :unamused:


Una is pulling no punches today!
In a pice on the lack of nightclubs, she manages to call for the legalisation of all drugs and for squatters to get better rights! … -1.2784894


What went on in Grangegorman that was so great?


Una’s outdone herself … -1.2787568

so - time flies - magnificent insight there Una


is this still an op-ed piece? stop bragging about the concerts you attended




I don’t care for the prose but I think it is a useful description of the man.


Una’s moving up in the world. Blagged herself a spot in the Grauniad comments section by writing about what a bunch of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals the Irish are: … men-choice


I do none of those things. Nobody I know does any of those things.

This is a spurious argument anyway. Irish people have a sovereign right to make their own laws and Una is doing her cause (which I support) no favours.


Can also as easily flip it the other way to make an argument for difference:
They don’t eat Tayto (or King)
They don’t watch Fair City
They don’t support hurling/football
They don’t shop in Supervalu
They don’t drink red lemonade
(why she picked on gin?)

Like you, I broadly support the cause, just not the mode of expression