Sloppy sloppy journalism


Huzzah!!! Finally someone to tell it like it really is;
We wipe our holes with twin ply non-recycled tissue.
We live in identikit speculatively built, draughty semi-D’s.
We politely queue for buses and taxis.
We regurgitate fast food in our city centres during the early hours.


I like to think on average we have a better grip of the English language. Like you know.


I do none of those things. Nobody I know does any of those things.

Nobody you know supports an English football team? Really?

But more generally: the English and the Irish - similar, but not the same.


Absolutely not. I know of a couple of people who do, but that’s as far as that relationship will ever go.

Seriously, there’s no better way to filter out morons than ask them if they ‘watched the game over the weekend’. If they think you’re talking about rugby or hurling then they’re probably ok. League of Ireland soccer or Gaelic football? give them a chance. English soccer? just walk away.


I don’t watch sports so I don’t care that much about your distinctions.

I do find Rugby pretty distasteful though, it’s a bunch of steroidal cube-shaped men lying in a pile biting one another. I understand that what I just said is tantamount to heresy/blasphemy/treason for most of my fellow Irish folk but that’s subjectivity for you.


The distinction is more in the ‘quality’ of the fans rather than anything to do with the rules of the games.



:confused: What do people have against gin? XD




Sport classism alive and well :wink:


I don’t claim to know anything about Irish sports, but the only time I’ve seen someone snorting coke off the pavement on Grand Canal St is when Celtic played Rangers in the Aviva.


I don’t recall this match ever happening, nor will it, for obvious reasons. Lads doing coke at Dublin matches in Croke Park was a pretty common sight in the mid 2000s though…


Maybe it was Celtic v Liverpool? Was about 3-4 years ago.


Which cause? Apart from her confusion about nationality, why do people like Una have to hide behind a concern for cases of rape, incest, and fatal fetal abnormality when she is actually in favour of UK-style liberalisation of abortion laws? You’d think she might drop the pretence when appealing to the Brits.




Nooooooooooooo this is not the thread for an abortion discussion. Take it to the Piston.

This thread is for slagging Una.


Mendacity, more like.

That’s what I’m doing. She wrote about abortion, and I’m commenting very specifically on what she wrote.


Her attempts to recruit footsoldiers will backfire on her over in post colonial guilt ridden Guardian land. They’ll actually back Ireland’s right to have the 8th amendment in the same fashion as the right of Muslim men to grope European women.


For those of us who dont live in Ireland, oppose sloppy journalism and cant be arsed to read the last 17 pages… who is Una and what is she about?

(keep it short, theres a good fella)


Una Mullally, lesbian cancer-surviving Irish Times columnist. Whiny social justice warrior of the obnoxious militant type, not just the usual pampered D4 leftie IT type.


You know that says more about you than her, right?