Sloppy sloppy journalism


Una is clearly a genius, we are blessed to have her in the country, I really hope that Grauniad article is a one off, if the IT were to lose her it would be a disaster

And as for the haters, just a bunch of evil white male heteronormative cis gender reactionaries


Yup. In fairness, I was asked to keep it short. Also, there’s only one of her. She says an unspecified(but presumably significant) fraction of her compatriots are gutless, insecure, identity-obsessed, misogynistic oppressors. I’d like to tell you that was a once-off, but Una has plenty of form in thus tarring anyone not on “her side”. Una doesn’t do nuance. Any particular reason I should?


Really hate that term.
I don’t know enough about Una, nor have enough interest/time to find out, but I suspect I would share your dislike of her output at least. However, that term and the SJW abbreviation have been so widely used as a term of broad opprobium by the dumbest in the sewer of the internet (gamer-gate, rabid-puppies/sad-puppies, etc., etc.,) that it just makes my skin crawl. It’s getting to about the same level as using “gay” and “retarded” as a general synonym for “bad/unsatisfactory”.

However, I’m nothing if not inconsistent: for whatever reason, I still kind of like hearing the term “an abortion” used to denote some class of an omnishambles/snafu situation or outcome, I think because it emphases the essential wrongness of and completely impossibility of redeeming a situation.

On (radio) journalism: nice to hear Pat Kenny discussing Pepe the Frong on Newstalk this morning.


I only heard the SJW term for the first time in the last few weeks. I expect I’m behind the times with my memes and maybe don’t grasp all the connotations.


I’ll see you and raise.


Guys there is now a dedicated 8th amendment thread. Please take politics (rather than journalism) in there.




The topic is incidental. I posted because it’s like a parody sketch. Witches have nothing to do with the 8th amendment either.


Social justice warrior is a term a bit like neoliberalism.

It is not ever used by anyone for self description. And it cannot really be used in a neutral fashion. It is inevitably pejorative.

I steer clear of terms like this.

PS: Una Mullaly’s writing is terrible (even when I agree with her) but she should be judged on content not on who she is.

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what am I missing, how could any headline writer even think of using “100%”


Because newspapers are about selling newspapers, not accuracy.
And they used the word ‘almost’.


They should have said almost 97%


The contraceptive could be 100% effective and still 4% of their partners might become pregnant. How this can happen is not understood but it can lead to suspicions.


Over the course of 25 years it would end up being a near complete failure…almost


You don’t want to mess with your hormones.

And you don’t want to read the back page of the business section in the IT today unless you think Bill Cullen is a great guy.


The side-effects caused 20 men to drop out of the trial.
Is that because side-effects include pregnancy ?


Poor fellas probably didn’t know if they were coming or going.


if they revealed what they want no one would vote for them.

the repealers are getting robbed bling by higher taxes/less wages/bleaker outlook than their parents /bigger govt debt/etc… and ‘they’ find a nice little issue for them to get worked up over. The irony is that if they were born 30 years earlier they’d have been out campaigning YES in 1983.

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It’s such a shame this thread has just become a place for angry men to bitch about female writers.

The article you reference is an innocuous piece . The commentary you link says much more about the issues of the author than the piece he reviews.

The original writer never mentions feminism in her piece,instead just discusses the awkwardness of describing her long term partner. I think anyone over the age of 25 probably feels the same

Your author says ’ a feminist explains how sexism has driven the word boyfriend from her vocabulary.’
Wooh burn the witch!
Further on he goes off on one.

’ The indulgent parents, the everyone-gets-a-trophy ethos, the abundance of food, clothing, and pop culture—all have combined to create a swirling vortex in which this whining, unhappy woman …’

Umm right that seems like measured criticism to me totally related to the original article.
His main complaint seems to be that they aren’t married . There is some atrocious writing there but it’s in the ranting of Mr mark judge

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