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Patriarchal grammar fascists. Reflective of the apparent masculinity crisis that engulfed the US according to Tintin O’foole at the weekend.




Oh no! Another isosceles justice warrior! :wink:


I think it was Michael McGrath, the FF Finance rep.
I wasn’t the only one screaming at the radio then…


Una laments the the rise of social media as a news source (Trump has really upset the snowflakes if they’re quitting the Facebook!) rather than folk using reliable and truthful mainstream media such as The Guardian and the Irish Times I assume.
But not the Indo - no, they’re not worthy … -1.2873471

Meanwhile, here’s 1 of today’s trending stories on the IT website … -1.2873679


Why am I reminded of Isabel Morton’s taxi driver?

:unamused: … wrong.html … -on-trump/


On twitter recently Colette Brown retweeted a piece by some American giving out about Kobach.Colette and the author were asked to provide a link as the original tweet suggested that Kobach had framed a law that targeted the old, and certain minorities. I watched this with interest. Nothing came back from Colette or the American. SHe was repeated challenged and came back eventually with this cutting reply

Colette Browne ‏@colettebrowne Nov 15

Colette Browne Retweeted Urlofcork

YES - I don’t factcheck every article I tweet. I have a job. And require sleep.

Colette Browne added,
Urlofcork @urlofcork
@colettebrowne One is a mirror image of the other ? Are u serious you tweet stuff without doing ANY checking
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Now twitter is grand in its own way but I would expect any journalist to either come up with original stuff or else be sure that what they are sending out is correct…or is that just me


“Journalist Una Mullally is the government’s new youth LGBT czar” … =shortlink


Why let an analysis of the facts get in the way of an unquestioned n-th hand received wisdom from the smug nodding donkey collective that is the Irish Times?

This is a poorly written article that conflates a number of disparate observations without combining them into a coherent article.

The Bank of Ireland mortgage repackaging relates to the preparations for IFRS 9 and the need to account for losses differently and to crystallise future losses.

Residential property prices are increasing because of an imbalance between supply and demand.

For a former business editor, the article is exceptionally slapdash and shoddy. It has all the appearance of a few words strung together at the last minute to meet a deadline.

One outlandishly fatuous and ludicrous piece of gibberish is worth highlighting:

Is this fool seriously suggesting that NAMA (that is Irish taxpayers) should have absorbed even greater costs to somehow allow the loans it took over be sold at a lower cost? How would this be “heroic”?

How on earth would this have made residential property more affordable?

What has selling NAMA assets at to the highest bidder got to do with the high cost of development land? There is no shortage of building land and no shortage of sites. There is just a shortage of willpower to compel its use through a vacant site levy.

How much does the planning process and associated delays and costs, planning restrictions such as apartment size and orientation, super-economic planning levies and Part V contribute to the effective cost of building land and of final build costs? The generally agreed estimate is that these factors unnecessarily contribute around €50,000 to cost of the development of a residential unit.

Capital in property Ireland is currently directed towards acquisition rather than development because the former is considerably easier that the latter.

Does the Irish Times have an Opinion Editor Editor to deshitify material like this?

Does the man even know what a bubble is, where asset factors play a disproportionate role in price growth? … -1.2924625

There are discontinuities in the available mortgage lending data from the Banking & Payments Federation Ireland and the Central Bank. However, a more complete view of residential mortgage lending is:

Quarter Residential BTL Total New Lending Net New Lending Mar 2005 5,996 Jun 2005 8,397 Sep 2005 9,380 Dec 2005 10,341 Mar 2006 8,437 Jun 2006 10,130 Sep 2006 10,962 Dec 2006 10,343 Mar 2007 7,809 Jun 2007 8,733 Sep 2007 8,984 Dec 2007 8,282 Mar 2008 6,266 Jun 2008 7,566 Sep 2008 5,678 Dec 2008 3,539 Mar 2009 1,998 Jun 2009 2,173 Sep 2009 118,649 118,649 2,145 Dec 2009 118,343 118,343 1,760 -2,066 Mar 2010 118,057 118,057 1,220 -1,506 Jun 2010 117,718 117,718 1,305 -1,644 Sep 2010 117,402 117,402 1,239 -1,555 Dec 2010 116,683 116,683 982 -1,701 Mar 2011 115,958 115,958 577 -1,302 Jun 2011 115,089 115,089 624 -1,493 Sep 2011 114,412 114,412 623 -1,300 Dec 2011 113,477 113,477 639 -1,574 Mar 2012 112,688 112,688 450 -1,239 Jun 2012 111,967 31,253 143,220 524 Sep 2012 111,241 31,052 142,293 663 -1,590 Dec 2012 110,763 31,159 141,922 999 -1,370 Mar 2013 109,905 30,920 140,825 331 -1,428 Jun 2013 109,147 30,626 139,773 518 -1,570 Sep 2013 108,539 30,340 138,879 750 -1,644 Dec 2013 107,376 29,667 137,043 896 -2,732 Mar 2014 106,522 29,368 135,890 568 -1,721 Jun 2014 106,197 29,157 135,354 820 -1,356 Sep 2014 105,515 28,822 134,337 1,126 -2,143 Dec 2014 104,948 28,007 132,955 1,341 -2,723 Mar 2015 104,265 27,342 131,607 1,002 -2,350 Jun 2015 103,472 26,661 130,133 1,091 -2,565 Sep 2015 102,561 26,429 128,990 1,335 -2,478 Dec 2015 101,630 26,020 127,650 1,438 -2,778 Mar 2016 100,870 25,623 126,493 999 -2,156 Jun 2016 100,292 25,218 125,510 1,286 -2,269 Sep 2016 99,856 24,613 124,469 1,558 -2,599

The amounts are in millions.

Irish Banks have been consistently decreasing their net residential mortgage lending.

Gross new residential mortgage lending is running at around 15% of the peak values.

Net new lending has been consistently negative since the Central Bank started to publish its aggregate residential mortgage lending statistics.

Where is the reckless lending?

This is not a bubble. It is a trough of despair.


George Hook has just read out an unreserved apology to Una Mullaly.

He said on a previous show that she didn’t call the American election correctly because she had probably never left Fitzpatricks hotel in Manhattan on any of her trips there.
In his apology he said that Una has in fact travelled extensively across America on many trips and has spoken to people of all political ideoligies etc etc.


If everyone had to write up an apology to Una Mullaly for each time that bullshit was written about her this place would need a new server.


Hmmm, I’d love to see her definition of that.


It seems an odd thing to have to apologise for…journalist v journalist wise especially. It was hardly libellous though something must have come into Newstalk on legal headed paper for him to say that


Yeah but George Hook is a white male…


Coles2, Its a waste of time, you’re just not her type


Hook was in Indiana (Indianner) on his way to Chicago for the rugby game, doubt he saw a ‘I’m with her’ her sign before he crossed into Cook county.

The midwest is what wonned it for Trump, Indiana (almost always GOP) , Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin .


Coles2 wears a chastity belt … on his face??


George Hook is not a journalist, he’s a professional troll.


There’s a difference?


I don’t report many posts but in this case I don’t really have any option. Contributors need to remember that it’s not acceptable to make reference to private individuals or other contributors in terms of their sexual orientation or preference.

Also I think it’s worth reminding ourselves of the rules of this forum. They exist for good reason.

Kindness is a virtue and the kindness of strangers is virtue in motion.