Sloppy sloppy journalism


I’d say it could be defamatory in theory. It’s saying she was a bad journalist and didn’t properly research and report on the stories. Given that it’s her alleged profession it could be damaging.

Not that I would be defending what she writes mind you.


Calm down Coles, its called a joke

No need to take everything so seriously


Jokes about me? I’m generally ok with jokes about me, but I honestly can’t say if Una Mullaly appreciates jokes about her sexual orientation.


FFS Coles your position is using Una’s sexuality to try to create issues.


I think it’s great to see Coles doing a complete 180 from posting ad hominem insults on the Pin to defending the victims. Makes me feel happier about posting here.


I don’t engage in ad hominem stuff. It takes from the forum. If anyone wants to engage with me on the topics then fire ahead.


You need to blame Gene Kerrigan for that one.


Una Mullally: “Why the abortion strike will succeed”
Strike 4 Repeal’s planned action will inspire movement against the Eighth Amendment … -1.2955661

Take a day off work to strike, and hope you job is still there when you get back


Perhaps there is a need for a Things We Did Not Know Last Week thread.

That is the difference between you and me. I do not complain about posts. I do not need to run to a virtual mammy if I do not like what people write.

Who would have thought that a person who responds with sneering and personal comments with a hair-trgger alacrity is himself such a delicate flower who has such a princess-and-the-pea sensibility?


Or alternatively, he realised in the cold light of day that it made him look kind of stupid. Though if Hook apologised for everything he said that made him look stupid, it’d take up most of his show.

Can’t see how it could possibly be seen as libellous, though. Just very unprofessional for anyone who calls themselves a journalist.


The apology sounded like it was being read ouy by Hook from something smone else prepared. It sounded like 1 of those apoologies your hear when a libel letter has arrived in to the Editor.
Definitely not an off the cuff effort


Average Irish rent rises by €134 a month, says report

*The average cost of renting a home in the Republic has increased by €134 a month over the last year, *

What he means of course is that the monthly cost of renting a home has increased by €134 over the last year. I’m not sure which is worse, Conor Pope’s sloppy drafting or the sub-editors who put up with it.


More bad math in the Irish Times:

"A sperm is not a human being, an ovum is not a human being. Together they do not make up a human being. They become an embryo with a very risky future. Studies indicate that up to 50 per cent of embryos are lost before implantation, and of the remainder up to 20 per cent are lost in miscarriages.

In other words as many as 70 per cent of embryos may never make it." … -1.3181476


And even worse science.

#335 … -1.3201296

Kevin O’Sullivan - disastrous editor of the IT - now merely a hack really loves to describe people who agree with him as experts

Joseph Curtin is not a climate scientist. He has a Masters in in Political Economy from the LSE and manages not to bother himself much about economics either. Nowhere in the article is there a discussion of Ireland’s lack of sun (available when there is least demand for it) or the rather poor economics behind it. No consideration that other renewables might be more efficient or more suitable for Ireland. The usual demands for Government “incentives” and if you’re again’ it then you’re a climate change denying luddite

It’s pure preaching to the choir stuff - just a Friends of the Earth press release


Maybe sloppy readers instead of journos in this case, although the story itself sounds makey-uppy. On the BBC’s “Most Read” just now, ahead of catastrophic Hurricane Irma:


Some people will write any old crap.

Have a pootastic day!


Journo changes man’s gender
Indo - Homeless woman with terminal cancer granted emergency homeless accommodation **
Louth County Council has agreed to provide 6 months emergency homeless accommodation to Mr Rostas who is currently ill in hospital.**


Things have gone a little odd at the Irish Times.

Kitty Holland has tweeted a surreptitiously taken photo of her colleagues talking to Sean Spicer. I think it is Simon Carswell and Peter Murtagh.

At very least it is derogatory of her colleagues and the fact that she is taking it secretly in the workplace is pretty…weird.


Nothing odd about it. Kitty is doing her female journalistic duty – surveilling the evil patriarchy right there in the belly of the beast.

As someone tweeted back: “outrageous, just hanging there with testicles on!!”.