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someone who hangs on a politicians every word is not happy when Sean Spicer enters the hallowed ground at Tara st


Yep, I thought Tara St would be a ‘safe space’.


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maybe its the cubicles that house the bloggers is where the safe space is.

The tweet is gone alright. :nin


Strange piece here by Una Mullally about how the media is too conservative to miss the grass roots movement she’s witnessing on (her) ground. If anything, the risk is surely the opposite - that the Irish Times expects a clear win for Repeal when there is plenty of unease in all communities, especially in rural areas, about what will follow. (I’ll prob vote to repeal, fyi).

Mullally complains that the media is mostly male - which may be true in the senior political correspondent ranks - but is generally not at all true. She complains of how the ‘largely heterosexual media’ covered the marriage equality referendum which she frames as an LGMT+ issue. Does she want LGBT+ quota? How could that be justified?

There’s a sense that people who aren’t gay shouldn’t have had as much of a say in the marriage equality referendum. That’s mental. I voted for it (male, straight) and am glad it passed but all adults are entitled to vote on constitutional matters. It’s a bit like saying men shouldn’t vote on abortion. Or sterile women. Or lesbians.


I agree. It’s as though the mainstream media are telling us what the narrative should be, how we should think and if we don’t agree, we are wrong.
This referendum looks like a close call imo.

Can you imagine if a man wrote a similar piece?


We’re replaced the Catholic Church with the MSM




I genuinely believe she already benefits from informal quota - how else can her slapdash writing be justified?

Haven’t read that article because of paywall, but her previous piece was just awful in every respect, total blog standard stuff - littered with "I"s and "we"s. … -1.3454608

WTAF? … -1.3445553

“Decent men are despondent. The men I know are livid. They’re disgusted by those WhatsApp messages, and feel sorry for what the young woman was put through during the trial.”

notable, Paddy Jackson had his contract essentially on terminated on the basis of the infamous Whatsapp messages - Mullally manages to misquote one of the very few **he **sent, despite their having been reported in court …

“There was a lot of spit” becomes “There was a lot of spit* roast last night*,” … -1.3445553

“It is time now to lobby effectively for reform in trials of sexual assault” - hmm different jurisdiction ?


What a hero she is to stand up to her right-wing extremist colleagues at the Irish Times…
How could it be that Mullally’s self-centred and anecdotal analysis sees what’s ‘really going on’ in Ireland while politicians and other commentators cannot? She might think she has a ‘diverse’ social network but that doesn’t mean it’s representative. She should campaign beyond the Pale *if *she wants a rounded view.

On the marriage equality referendum:

How was it ‘ridiculous’? The result was 63% ‘Yes’, slightly more than the late polling. Maybe she has a point about journalists framing every campaign as a close-run horse race rather than calling it, but declaring a win for the ‘Yes’ side of the marriage ref in advance of the vote would have been to declare the debate over prematurely. The result was reasonably close - about as close as some EU treaty refs. Not a landslide like the Good Friday Agreement ref (on articles 2 & 3).

For this ref, the ‘Yes’ side has far fewer posters and - in my own personal, anecdotal experience… - fewer canvassers. Yet Mullally seems miffed by articles like [ur=]this from Pat Leahy pointing out that they have been slower to get going. There was a very successful crowdfunding drive last week by the Repealers - so Leahy’s criticism did them a favour.

Ack, the standard is generally so juvenile that I wonder what columnists who broadly share her views - say, Fintan O’Toole or Kathy Sheridan - think of it.


what’s Una upset about this week? That the gay marriage referendum crowd didnt turn into a wider political movement?
It was never meant to be. Anyone think that ‘Landlord’ Pantti and ‘room to improve’ zappone were going to improve the affordable housing situation for young adults? :blush:
I dont recall a ‘home to vote’ movement in General Election 2016. you can have all the gay marriage you can want but dont dare seek an answer as to why all tiger era debts must be paid by the taxpayer and why your country was being sold from under your feet to the vultures.


I think a substantial part of her problem (though she is unwilling to admit this) is that the genuine support for the Marriage Equality Referendum (MER) which was fairly disparate is not being seen in the Repeal the 8th referendum. There is a very cautious approach not on the “Repeal” issue itself but to what may come after when the law is proposed. This is being reported in the mainstream media fairly accurately. It’s a source of irritation for many “pro-Repealers” (understandably).

In the MER, the issue was fairly binary. You either supported same sex marriage or you didn’t. The Repeal the 8th issue is a lot more complex. Ireland is still a very conservative family orientated society and this audience is proving difficult for the likes of Una et al. They have not learnt to augment their message.

I think the Repeal vote will win on the day but the supporters will have to work a lot harder to carry it.


enough about la Mullally

Euan McKenna has a chip on his shoulder about rugby, he’s not alone but the lengths he goes to down the IRFU is bizarre,

basically, it’s no fair that the Irish players aren’t flogged like pit ponies… Also the IRFU are raging incompetents, except when it comes to sneakingly setting up their systems to do down the poor rugby club owning sugar daddies of England and France

Owen Callan summarises my thoughts so I don’t have to… … ree-319242

#354 … cky-phelan

Una overreaching in her usual style; getting her ass handed to her in the comments


she’s a paid propagandist for zappone. her rhetoric will go a lot less further than the rest of them in the virtue signalling dept of the IT.


And yet it was a woman who was in charge of Cervical Screen tests and had to resign. You’d think that would soften her cough but no chance


the golden rule is never let the facts get in the way of a good


Or “never let a good crisis go to waste” from the school of political spin and opportunism.


keep your eye on what the ministers in the end-of-days of the 32nd Dail sign off on , while ‘we’ are distracted by the force feeding of referendum updates.


FFS the top (critical but civil) comment yesterday has been removed. snowflakes