Sloppy sloppy journalism

As Twink might say

Bring them, but be sure to zip them up

Ok this is a bit of an anal Cork rant but there is an interesting article in the Indo on the Cork hurling manager and Corks chances tomorrow against Clare … 64214.html
it includes this


Except Cork lost the 2010 Munster final after a replay to Waterford

Classic one in the Sindo

And so, a callow side with blooming buds like Stephen McDonnell, Conor O’Sullivan, Jamie Nagle, Willie Egan, Lorcan McLoughlin,** DAVID KEARNEY**, Luke O’Farrell and Conor Lehane began finding their feet

DANIEL will be so happy he has been replaced by the Leinster Rugby utility back.Muppets … 61525.html

Also, I always thought he was jimmy Barry (first and second name) and Murphy (surname), does he have a double barreled surname? Just always assumed he was a victim of the classic irish give your son your name and then also use their second name to qualify which jimmy you’re referring to

The Barry -Murphys are a famous Cork Hurling family Jimmys GrandUncle would be this man
Most Cork natives leave out the hyphen as the family are so well known
Jimmys father John was also a noted hurler as was the father who also played for Cork. He is married as far as I know to one of Mick Kennificks daughters. Kennefick was also an All Ireland winner.
Jimmys son Brian played soccer with Cork City and I think is or was with Sheffield Weds.
Plans are well advanced with UCCsBiotech faculty, to Clone Jimmy and also to identify the Barry-Murphy family gene

Thanks for that. May the best team win

To be honest I am hopeful more than confident would love to be there but not a ticket to be had. Great buzz around the City for the last week or two though … 87458.html

The headline is: Mayo supporter Chris O’Dowd breaks a leg partying in Dublin. Contained in the article is a quote from his wife, where she explains that he broke a bone in is foot. Leg, Foot arrgh shure tis da same ting.

And what him being a Mayo supporter has to do with any of it, I do not know.

And him from Roscommon…that’s divine retribution for not supporting his home county

He also played for Roscommon minors so the chances of him being a “Mayo” supporter are very slim. Can we change this thread title to “Utter Shyte Journalism”.

Independent again. Opening line:
Gardai have sealed off a section of Galway city this morning after the discovery of a man was discovered.

Did the Indo get hacked or do they actually proof read their content? … 07420.html

Absolute classic

Is it supposed to be ein Witz? And part of the wit of the Witz is that it changes gender between the title and the first line…?

That our future is ungrammatical, literal German?


Can anyone with better German than mine comment on the quality of the prose? Does this seem machine translated from English, for example?

You guys have it all wrong. They are doing the ground work for when the Germans eventually take over Europe.

They are ahead of the curve, you hurlers in on the ditch will be sorry for your mocking!!!

The Irish Independent breaks new ground with article in German; Thomas Molloy: Ein irishes witz via @Independent_ie

— Thomas Molloy (@ThomasPMolloy) September 25, 2013

Dang. Why can’t I embed that tweet?!

Anyway, it’s from the author of the article who seems pleased with it.

He says on LinkedIn that he’s a fluent German speaker and used to work for Deutsche Presse Agentur, albeit in Washington.

Dropped a line to the lads in Broadsheet:
Was Ist Das?

He used to be a neighbour of mine when i was a kid, their mother was german and, iirc, they spoke german before they spoke english.

And the c in Irisches is missing from the main headline. Missing C -An allusion to the ongoing difficulties between the fishing industry and the EU? Loss of sovereignty? Geddit? This gets denser the more you read it lads. It’s like the Ulysses of Irish journalism. Or a clue from 3-2-1.