Sloppy sloppy journalism


Una’s outdone herself: … -1.2611915


She has a general point - albeit warped into some anti-women/minority crusade. Comment sections are full of trolls and people with grudges to air. Outside of the FT they’re rarely worth reading.


She has a general point - albeit warped into some anti-women/minority crusade. Comment sections are full of trolls and people with grudges to air. Outside of the FT they’re rarely worth reading.


I’ve often said Una Mullaly is awful - not in anyway gender related. It’s just cos she’s shit

Ditto Niamh Horan, Charlie Weston, Brendan Keenan etc


Add in Fintan O’T, David McW, Ciaran Hancock,

Plenty of crappy journo’s out there. Most of them are men!


Nuala was once (about 20 years ago) the subject of an off the cuff - interpretable as somewhat nasty - remark online from a former co-worker of mine (it was a large organisation). She contacted him on foot of it - and offered to meet which he did - she wrote an article about it. I get more of a sense of a journalist trying to get to the bottom of an issue from that than from recent episodes.


Nasty remarks online 20 years ago? Are you sure it wasn’t in print or in public? 1996 wasn’t a big year for online media.


front page no less

“activate suspend”


It seems Una’s spiel about online comments wasn’t an isolated rant. The IT is henceforth limiting comments to paid subscribers. I guess they fancy having the propagandist echo chamber both above and below the line.


Given the takeover of comments by three or four resident nutters, I’m not sure they’re losing much.


Who’s to say the nutters aren’t subscribers, or wouldn’t become subscribers to continue stalking? Come to think of it … who’s to say it’s not a desperate IT ploy to clock up three or four paying customers? :smiley:


Could this be the shot in the arm that the Irish media needs? Seems like it might good news to me, in every sense.


Credit where it’s due I think - would like to see more stuff like this in the media.

Danny Healy-Rea says something idiotic; Irish Times picks holes in his “argument” and presents actual facts.


If fairness having a pop at a “yokel” like DHR is low hanging fruit

If one of their sacred cows/VIs got the same treatment I’d doff my cap


Oh for sure.

But it’s still good to see - better than the template two opinion columns, one arguing that he was right and one arguing that he was wrong.



She wasn’t a USENET user but someone had printed off a rake of USENET posts on matters Irish which they thought might be of interest to her and gave them to her. The offending comment was included (inadvertantly). I think she was genuinely curious and followed up with the commenter.


Roisin Ingle is on holiday and her stand-in does a piece on the value of mediocrity.



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Una is one of the reasons I finally stopped reading the Times. She ticks every box of horror for me. Wildly biased with her hierarchy of victim groups - her post Cologne attacks column was utterly disgraceful in its “yeah but all men are rapists really” excuse making which showed she was quite happy to throw women under the bus when necessary. Sloppy, illiterate writing with no evidence that she knows anything about literature, politics, current affairs, history, culture or anything really. Nell McCafferty is a cantankerous parody of her former self but her Facebook posts are still better reading than Una’s paid drivel. And totally insular, with no experience of life beyond her privileged southside Dublin echo chamber. She’s a blogger, not a journalist. It scares me that people as poorly educated and ill-informed as her are at the centre of mainstream media.


Typical, this kind of thing is what I expect from a cis-gender, heteronormative, white male (disgusting BTW) scum bag

Why do you hate Una, and her heroic activist quest for equality for all, except for the evil white male, who really needs to just die ASAP

Una is the finest mind at work today in the Irish media, anyone who says otherwise is sexist and a homophobe, as I’m sure Una is only to happy to point out