Sloppy sloppy journalism


I’m a woman! And a feminist and campaigner for reproductive rights, supporter of gay marriage and should really think Una is just great. But she’s an appalling writer and a liability to any cause.

Bit depressing you assumed I was a man, I could say something Una-like there but I won’t…


I think your sarcasm detector is broken. :smiley:


Yeah, but it’s no secret that paracetamol are white.

Just sayin’ like.
(I think you took the dude too straight… ahem, sorry :blush: )


Nope, I got the sarcasm. But it’s not the first time I and other female posters have been assumed to be a man on the Pin.


So? Lots of people think I’m a woman on the pin. Who cares?


Me too. Not too sure what (if anything) should be read into it.

I’m sure Freud would have an opinion.


We have girly typing?


I identify as an AH-64 attack helicopter but am fluid about it.


Names ending in ‘A’ are feminine in a lot of languages.


I’m also told “muirgheasa” is sufficiently close to “muireann” that the correlation is drawn in people’s heads.

Although I like the girly typing explanation much more 8DD


It’s the way you do the little circles over your 'i’s.


Hey, I got that reference!


what no tumblrinas here ?


I used to do them as hearts, but people just wouldn’t take me seriously.


Just heard Paul Williams on the radio explaining how the ohiggins report proved Maurice Mccabe was completely wrong.
How he is allowed to comment on a story when the paper he works for are responsible for

  1. Burying the story
  2. Using it to malign the whistle blowers
  3. one of their journalists losing her job when she attempted to question the commissioner on allegations and subsequently receiving substantial damages for her unfair dismissal

Today the day after the release these are the top 3 stories on the independent

  1. Another Kinahan gang story
  2. Anonymous woman personal account of an attack
  3. Nicky byrne and the eurovision


Yeah Williams was verbally masturbating Shatter and Callinan like nobody’s business.


I know it’s the Journal but this Dr Mercille guy really drags UCD’s rep down … 0-May2016/

He’s like Una Mullally except he’s employed by a university


He was discussing it on the second part of the Here’s How podcast. I don’t think he argued his position very well.


He’s a tool, but Broadsheet love him. He photographs well.


We get a lot of “i just don’t like her” kind of stuff on this thread posing as media criticism. I don’t know anything about this guy but the article is not bad and actually backs up it’s argument with real world examples like different prices for the same product targeted at men and women or boys and girls. Surely this is what consumer journalism looks like, though I know there is not a lot of it in Ireland so perhaps people are unaware of the oeuvre. I think the takeaway from the piece is that this phenomenon has been observed and researched internationally and found to be endemic, the fact that no surveys have been dome in Ireland is perhaps the point.