Smear campaign on Schiff & Celente

this gobshite interviews Schiff /celente and then says they are promoting pessimism porn? He then goes to say that most mainstream economists dont agree with these guys. Surely this retard has missed the point entirely, they stood up againnst the bullshit porn spouted for years by the mainstream media and are still standing up and having the guts to say what they believe.

next up rogers faber keiser, et al… i think they have already crucified Alex jones

Well, Celente has made specific predictions regarding an imminent breakdown of US society this year. So, if that does happen, we will have to credit Celente as being an astute analyst, and if it doesn’t, I think it is reasonable to call his judgement into question.

Now here is a question - do you trade the markets, and if so, do you base your trading judgements on the analysis of people like Celente?

Good man Paul Anthony! Anytime I have heard him speak on legal matters he is always a rock of commom sense. Abright guy who tells it as it is. Commone sense as is a rae commodity.

Peter Schiff reloaded

“You must be a real laugh at a party” - The 10 minute version