Smithfield 120K, Docklands 230K

Anyone know whats going on with HWP?

Asking prices are substantially lower than everywhere else? There must be a catch?

120k for a well kept 3rd floor 3 bed near the luas has to be value. Obviously Smithfild may not be as desirable location as docklands but still!

Boop - you remember the recent thread you started on Gt George St - and someone came up with one in Temple Bar which i thought was good value at about 125k ?
Again, I think this is great value -but,again, I wonder if the price will go higher, as it did in Temple Bar, (though I never checked the final price). There’s only one reason why it won’t go higher -it’s in Smithfield…

Smithfield is still somewhat downmarket at present and is not as desireable to most people as Temple Bar -but you’ll sleep better in a penthouse in an area that’s quiet at night -and it’s 15 mins walk to the city centre (whatever criterion you use for city centre) and on the LUAS.
750 s.f is a decent size -same size as a small house.Third bedroom probably OK as a small study/storeroom.

I trust you’ll look at it? (I assume you’re searching). I’m curbing my enthusiasm this time.

Smithfield has been tarnished since the spotlight came on the horse fair there of a sunday, and boys going about the streets shooting firearms while you’re settling down to Sunday lunch.

But 120k for that 3 bed looks like a bottom to me. If you bought it, how much more will that go? Down to 100k at most I’d say.

With anything this new I’d be very wary of shoddy building material, workmanship, etc. How many Priory Halls are out there?

competent survey, and caveat emptor applies.

Anybody else think that The Laurels could be the real canary in the mine?
If a place that looked as well built/specced from the outside as it looks, it really does make me think that apartments are a no-go/not worth the risk?

The one in Gallery Quay will get higher than the asking of 230k, IMO

the one in Smithfield is now 170K - typo in the original ad?


surely you’d get 400pm per room on a bedroom even in Smithfield (or am i talking nonsense, familiar with the area but not in terms of rentals etc)?

Gives a gross yield of 10% based on 120k asking

For a 60K difference in price, from the point of view of someone who might want to live there, the Gallery Quay one is way more attractive. Views of the canal basin, an extra 30 sqm of space, near a large percentage of Dublin’s tech jobs (if you’re in that field), access to the grand canal and the sea at Sandymount.

Smithfield is very gritty, there’s nowhere green in the area really. Gets you down after a while, I find.

smithfield one was orginally advertised at 90k and as a 2bed, then it changed to 120k, then 170k over the space of 3 days.

Seems more like trying to round up punters/interest with a low starting price, which will be claimed to be a mistake…

Same thing happened to apt in temple bar (18 music hall). Originally up for 125k, then 135k, and now up for 150k…

There was, as predicted the asking prices have increased.

Smithfield now 230k - 92% increase on original
Gallery Quay 300k

Since it came on the market I have tried to arrange a viewing on Gallery Quay, emailed agent three times and spoke to him on phone once. No viewings arranged so far apparently.

Typical. There was me thinking, 120k? - I just might :slight_smile: