Snagging a new house

Hey All.

I bit the bullet on a new build this year. Going to start snagging next week hopefully. I would like to get two snags done, one that looks at the little things like bad workmanship, scratched windows etc. However I also want to get one done to ensure the house meets building regulations, I know for a fact that someone else in the development had this done and one of the things that was found was that the vents required by building regulations for timber framed houses had been concreted over. I was going to get two separate crowds in to do each however the builder is saying only one viual inspection is permitted and that the large things I want inspected are already done by their assigned certifier and signed off by their concultants and DCC. The latter may be the case but they are clearly not going a good job with people finding building regulation issues.

Any thoughts on this legally, can they refuse to let me do two separate inspections?


Thanks. Any recommendations?

They were the guys I was hiring to look at the bigger things. They don’t do a regular snag I don’t think, they just validate against building regulations:


](Sample report video for Structural building Regulations Review - Property Health Check)