Snowtopia: "€100m winter leisure park planned for Dublin"


Libero throws it to the wolves of the Pin…

*A building development company is planning to build an indoor ski resort and extreme sports centre in
Tyrellstown, County Dublin, which it claims could lead to the creation of up to 700 jobs.

The project will feature two ski slopes; the longest running for 190 meters, a rock and ice climbing area and a high-level adventure playground…

“International experience is that in a recessionary environment leisure spend tends to be pretty resilient. People are drawn towards escapism and similar facilities in the UK have been performing well”.

In Manchester the fee for 90 minutes skiing including equipment hire is around £24 and Mr Larkin said he expects the pricing model for “Snowtopia” to be broadly similar.

The company expects up to 1.5 million visitors a year to a development that will include a paintball centre, digital theatres, a gym, restaurants and retail outlets. *

Ballsy, that’s for sure. But will it be Snotopia or Snojoke?


Pie in the sky at the moment.


Now, if someone could deliver a sun resort…




To have real credibility this resort would have to be planned for Cape Verde by some Irish “magnate”.


In fairness, it is being planned by Twinlite (, who have some credibility. I think they’ve built most of that part of Dublin, i.e. the existing hotel, retail centre, thousands of houses…


Gents, this is the sort of activity which should be encouraged. I’ve always said the supernormal profits available in property speculations diverted investment funds away from projects and businesses which would actually improve quality of life and recreation in the country.

I for one would give the place a visit if it works out.




Ditto… it’s nice to see some ambition in building an amenity, and even more so when it’s a sporting amenity.
I’ve been to a few of these places on the continent and they can be great fun but I’m not sure about their projection of 25% of the population visiting the thing in a year.


I presume they expect a lot of people to visit more than once. If the cost was similar to the UK facility then it would be a welcome addition.


I laughed at first, but then realised there are a lot of people who got a taste for snow holidays over the last 10 years who won’t be going on any for a while. This could be a good idea.


Excellent idea. Depends whether the business plan stacks up.

They don’t have a snowball’s chance of getting the reported 1,000,000 people through the door each year.


I thought they were building one of these already in Wicklow?

Ah but then I found this:

Could this project be another non runner?


Yes, Twinlite did develop a lot of this part of Fingal. To do this they needed zoning and planning. These were granted by the County Council. :angry:

(Whistle man fills in the blanks)


There is no chance they would follow the UK pricing model either. Anything like this in Ireland will try to fleece the punter


I would expect they’ll be forced to follow a realistic pricing model whether they want to or not if they’re going to get customers. The “good old days” of fleecing customers and them just forking over the cash are receding rapidly.


Then they might want to build some roads out that direction. Tyrellstown is about as accessible as Area 51.


Oh yes at last, something cool to do on a sunday afternoon with the kids

Oh wait, i live in Cork.



Guess we all have our crosses to bear… :mrgreen:


You can always take the kids to Patrick St on th next icy morning & let them slide down it on a pair of tea trays :smiley: