Snowtopia: "€100m winter leisure park planned for Dublin"


They expect footfall of a quarter of the entire population of the republic or all of the population of the greater dublin area per year. If they ditched the skiing and made it a different kind of “snow” theme they might get close to that. Cheaper to build too. Just build about 5000 toilet cubicles with free lines on the cistern for all.


Must admit I’d be game ball for this, a bit of craic in the snow is exactly what i need to get my mind of job security etc. I’d LOVE to be able throw some snowballs and feel the crunch crunch of the sneachta underfoot.
Yep i’d pay for this if it wasn’t 2006 rip’eske pricing.


ye its a PPP to keep the masses from rioting


“In Manchester the fee for 90 minutes skiing including equipment hire is around £24 and Mr Larkin said he expects the pricing model for “Snowtopia” to be broadly similar”.

Excellent to hear the fee is roughly going to be €26 per 90 mins. Gut instinct tells me that if the useage fee is similiar to Britains then we will probably have Dublin Airport style car parking charges to fork out to make up the difference.
On the up side maybe we can look forward to watching an Irish entry take a medal in the next winter olympics.


I don’t think this is viable - I’ve had extensive interaction with the various snowdomes in the UK (Glasgow, Manchester, Milton Keynes and Leeds) and also in Holland (Landgraaf).

I was told you need a population of approx 3m within a 50 mile radius for these domes to be viable. The domes in the UK all run at a loss but make profits from the assoicated shopping centre, leisure centre, restaurants, etc. From what I know Manchester is in trouble as it doesn’t have a shopping centre (too close to the trafford centre). The dome in Holland is an exception to the rule as it has a huge catchment area - also, being 500mts long it is homologated to run Europa cup slalom races (which brings in the biggest names in ski racing) and also provides summer training venues for some of the biggest teams (Austria, France, etc) which generates serious and regular revenue.

A snowdome in Ireland with a population of around 4.4m and under 2m in Dublin - I doubt it.


Anyone know if this got planning … i know the ida objected but it was meant to go to fingal county council on 24.02.09 ???


Personally, I’m all for anything in Dublin which involves entertainment other than pubs. Kuala Lumpur, where my wife is from, has rollercoasters and ice rinks in shopping malls:



It appears that it didnt … 173&page=3


What ever happened to the North Dublin Disney Land?

I didn’t believe that would happen and I’ll believe this when I see it too.



Balbriggan? I assure you it’s very much still with us, unfortunately. :smiling_imp:


Those developers sound fairly piste-off. Shame their plans have gone downhill.

That’s the easy ones out of the way.


Damn, this could have been awesome!


Is it possible the county council was afraid to be caught up in a blizzard of controversy and snowed under with red tape as a result of a developement this size?

Runs for the exit, doesnt even stop to grab coat… :angry:


This is mad. Shutting down a project because it might draw custom from the nearby cinema. I wonder how many in the planning officers have personal interest or share or a friend in blanchardstown cinema.
Its like in some town you cannot open a Tesco or Aldi as " it will draw all customer away from the local supermarket ( which is in general really poor in choices and really expensive).
Oh, usually the town “big families” own those supermarket as well as most of the wee town, they just don’t want competition and their pal at the planning permission just block any possibility for improvement.


My God - we couldn’t have the little chisellers actually getting some exercise! No, no - cinema tickets, buckets of popcorn and even bigger buckets of fizzy drinks.

We need to make sure we don’t draw custom from our hospitals either, don’t you know!


It’s probably like the N3 toll road… the council is likely to have guaranteed the cinema that they will have 5k patrons a day and any shortfall will be made up by the council themselves :slight_smile:


Who said we’re in a deflationary spiral? There’s 300 extra imaginary jobs created between the time
this was proposed and the time it was shot down.

Now that they know they won’t have to pay the wages they can increase the number of staff they
were willing to hire by 50%.

It’s almost like they pull these numbers out of their hole in order to fill column inches.
I guess it really is true that 82.67% of all statistics are completely made up to sound convincing.



They’ve a skipark in Dubai

we should have one


They have a fiscal economic collapse in Dubai, we should have one too…oh wait :unamused:


Dubai has lots of interesting things: … Dubai.html

At least they spent their debt on something useful.

Nothing on the scale of our transforming Car Parks/10000 acre swimming pools,
but still.