Snowtopia: "€100m winter leisure park planned for Dublin"


I am neither for nor against this project, but that has to be the weakest, most pathetic excuse for turning down planning.


I agree.

a far more cogent reasoning would have been
Get out of here you fuppin lunatics


I think you’re missing the next piece of the article*:

  • Okay; I admit it, I made that up. :mrgreen:


Ah, they’re going to have a nightclub aswell are they?


Take your Snowtopia somewhere else lads.
We have no need here, for activities not centered around shopping, booze, burgers or sitting slack jawed in front of the nearest screen.
Take your promised jobs with you as well - our IDA are correct to oppose your plans, we have no need for these either.
The Knowledge Economy will be with us any day now.
Your abandoned site in Tyrellstown will be filled with a shining facility, full of happy, highly educated, Irish people, engineering things that light up and go “beep”.

If on the other hand you wanted to build something, that would, for instance, allow us to purchase flat pack Swedish furniture then we might be able to do business.


When I first heard about this idea I reckoned they were shoveling money down a pit anyway. I can see it being over-priced, hard to get to and with an insufficient catchment area. The novelty would fade quickly and it’d be out of business in no time. In fact I seem to remember that in the original thread about this it was shown that this kind of facility ordinarily has a much larger catchment area. I’d say the IDA has saved the investors from making a costly mistake.


what on earth would possess anyone to think this would be anything other than a monstrous white elephant


What Kind Of Balls Dont Bounce…

Snow Balls. 8DD

Gets Coat ( Snow) and Heads Quietly for the Piste.

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Hmmm, they have a cinema there funnily enough, wonder did our snow park include one too… :angry:


So what are the odds on this proposal being rejected by An Bord Pleanala on the basis of it potentially stealing patrons from the Abbey Theatre ? (you might recall the snow park proposal which was the subject matter of this thread was rejected in 2009 cos it might have a detrimental impact on atrendances at Blancharstown cinema).

On the plus side the projected cost has doubled in the space of a fortnight so clearly plenty of scope for further creaming ‘going forward’.

Fuck the lack of housing. Whats needed in Dublin is a whitewater rafting centre slap bang in the middle of the area to which large numbers of commuters spend three hour round trips travelling every day


Is this the spot where Octoberfest and the Christmas market was held. They were not viable this year for the first time in over a decade. They were viable throughout the bust, but not this year due to the prohibitive insurance costs arising out of the claim culture. But somehow the White water rafting will have no trouble securing insurance cover. Mmmm


I can’t believe Owen Keegan is going to get away with this

On Saturday 14 September 2019, the 60th Liffey Descent takes place and to mark this milestone event, Iain Maclean, a veteran of more that 50 “Liffeys”, has written a history of this world renowned river marathon.

You are invited to the launch of “The Liffey Descent - 60 Years of Ireland’s Toughest Canoeing Challenge” by Owen Keegan, Dublin City Council Chief Executive, himself a paddler with 25 Liffeys under his belt on Saturday 31 August (7pm).

Present at the launch - as well as the author - will be past winners past of this great race including Olympians, whose exploits are described in the book.[/quote]

I mean for Jesus sake !