So what is the Pin's Consensus on NAMA?

So what is the Pin’s Consensus on NAMA?

  • NAMA is the best solution to the banking crisis
  • The NAMA legislation just needs to be amended to ensure more transparency and accountability
  • NAMA will work only if the ‘haircut’ is appropriate and it is run in a professional manner
  • Alternatives to NAMA need to be explored in more detail
  • Temporary nationalisation is the best alternative to NAMA
  • We dont need NAMA or anything else, let the banks fail

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We’ve had the discussion, so now what’s the verdict? :confused:

Edit: My vote is for: Temporary nationalisation is the best alternative to NAMA

You need a world revolution option. 8)

You can opt for “We dont need NAMA or anything else, let the banks fail”. The world revolution has to start somewhere :wink:

Dont’ like that word “consensus” applied to an internet forum. Suggests we might all agree on something or other.

Qualified majority verdict? :stuck_out_tongue:

I disagree!



Well, he’ll need 1851 for a straight vote, should we apply weightings based on post counts?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, he’ll need 1851 for a straight vote, should we apply weightings based on post counts?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree totally. How many posts do I have again?

I think what we are rapidly reaching ‘consensus’ on is what we don’t want!

For me, a 'pin consensus would always be along the lines of “I don’t know what I like, but I know I don’t like that!”

Meatloaf? :question:

After 36 votes, nobody is pro-NAMA in its current state. 19% give a qualified approval of NAMA subject to it been properly run. 14% say let the banks fail.

And 67% or two thirds of the voters, say an alternative is needed.

From the broad range of opinions polled, the task of agreeing a simple message for the protest looks challenging.

However the common thread is that 81% of people so far agree on ‘No to NAMA’ !!

I think it’s time the government recognised there’s only one way forward.

Brown envelopes for The Pin membership!

Every forum has it’s day but this one is becoming obsessed with NAMA – look NAMA is the crappiest idea in the history of crap ideas but at the time when Anglo was going under and AIB / BOI were about to follow it most public economic commentators were talking up a bad bank. The international stock markets were waiting to see what the government would do. They choose NAMA and largely it’s been accepted – case in point bank shares are starting to recover BOI was it 13 cent today it’s above 2 euros.
NAMA is flawed but it has a chance of fixing the banks and yes it could cost us the tax payers dearly. If the government were to do a u turn now that would be seen as they will u turn anything especially the bank guarantee scheme, at which point were all f-cked.

Please, there used to be some very insightful posts here but they are been lost in a sea of noise about NAMA. Can we make tomorrow a NAMA free day and see what else is going on in the world?

Of people polled, you have a base of 3700 users.

This is the NAMAwatch forum :confused: What else are we supposed to talk about here?

I hope we can make everyday a NAMA free day, hence the protest :wink:

It’s a poll, not a general election. I did say so far

Edit: Ok, I see your point now. I read it to mean the results were unreliable unless most of the 3700 users cast a vote :blush:

Options 3 and 5 are essentially the same.
If we opt for temporary nationalisation we will need to cleanse the banks before refloating (NAMA by another name)
If we apply a realistic haircut to the book value of loans we will need to inject a large amount of equity into the banks, this nationalising them.


Can’t find a suitable option.

The patient is very sick and the illness has been developing for a long time.

NAMA is a rash and ill considered attempt at a surgical procedure. Note that the proposed surgical team largely caused the latter parts of the sickness, are currently aggravating it, and are indeed suffering aspects of it themselves.

Now, there may be someone out there with a better surgical procedure that will work better and maybe even reduce the severity and length of the convalesence period.

But, what is really needed is a much deeper understanding of the sickness and its causes, and a variety of approaches in the cure. We need a more holistic view of the sickness and its cure.

By all means attempt some surgery - the case is critical at this point, but let’s be careful not to kill the patient, or do something that turns out to be sadly irreversible.

*Menacingly approaches bed with pillow…

Patient is more akin to a rabid dog that is uncontrollable and should be put down before any patients get bitten.