So what would you buy?

Let’s say circa 500k budget… What house, currently advertised, would you buy?

Assuming 10% discount for a cheeky offer: … ow/1830556 … -4/1909999

Havent seen it but seem OK. And a few quid left over to Farrow & Ball the place up a bit. … -6/1885903

A semi-detched redbrick on the quieter part of the road.

It is probably in bits and the asking price is nuts. But the owner is caught between having to spend a fortune to bring it up to standard and lose rental income while doing it or selling it. Exploit his desperation, make a cheeky take it or leave it cash offer of 250K or less and spend 150K creating a large family home of over 2,000 square feet.

Anything by the sea, Kiliney, Dalkey or Sandymount. If that Budget would permit ! :slight_smile:

Either of these two - need work done but I’d offer 10-15% below asking and do them up to my taste. … 18/1881303 … 18/1852847

In my fantasies, I’d buy this one (however, it’s worth well over a million, even at current day value):


three or four apartment blocks in a major German city. Or a chateau in the south of France. Or a small city in Croatia.

Sounds like a certain Scott Alexander who bought a whole Bulgarian town in 2006…what an utter tosser!!

Good God :open_mouth:
I had to check his age,

born 1976???
I think he might have been had by the Botox guy as well as thr property one.

That guy is my hero.

50k on decor and the remaining 300k sitting out the recession walking up and down the beach with the odd continental city break thrown in. Say 3yrs at 100k pa then drift back to the real world.