So whats your plan?


I’m in the middle of writing an application. I’m not sitting on my arse. Well, in fact I am, but I’m moving my fingers quite a lot.


Ah, it’s industry related. At this stage in my life the likelihood of me being able to do something else is quite low. But the likelihood of me being able to continue what I’m doing is quite high (even with gaps of employment). The industry is moving kicking and screaming to c and C++, so it’s about time I learned!

Psst any tips on the best method for approaching C++ appreciated - it’s not that I’m daunted by it, just I don’t really see what’s so special about it!


The C++ Programming Language (Bjarne Stroustrup). It’s very difficult but you may as well start and end with it. If you know how to do everything in this book you’re very good.
So special? Hmmm. C++, unlike Java, for beginners, is like giving a loaded gun to a child. You can do a lot with it without actually knowing what you are doing. In which case you are writing code which is disasterously bad. It is fast and worth it if you can get people who know what they are doing. It only useful if you really need speed (like pricing complex financial instruments). If you don’t really need speed then use Java.


Will lose job in 2 or 3 months redundancy 12,000 +/-. just bought Italian Linguaphone on Ebay.
Many of my relations are elderly and are being ripped off regularly by grasscutters,windowcleaners,plumbers,electricians etc…
I will become their new handyperson working for half what these jokers have been charging, will build my own Polytunnel and grow veg.
Sell car and /or swop for van.Buy stove on Ebay secondhand, stop using gas.When all this fails off to Italy " arrevederci"


Excellent plan. There’s a chap in Tullamore that does this - charges €15 an hour to come and cut the grass, do maintenance all that stuff. Grows his own bedding plants etc. so they are cheap. Only does it for certain people (those who really need his services).


Best of luck to anyone who’s going to try their luck outside of Ireland, just beware of the faraway hills syndrome – things are bad all round right now. It’s grand if you just want to get away and work on bits and pieces just earning enough to survive and travel, but it’s different kettle of fish if you’re looking to settle or re-start your career.

My own situation is that I’ve been out of Ireland for 14 of the past 20 years. I’ve got a good deal of consulting and general management experience. I’m fluent in Portuguese and French and comfortable in Italian and Spanish. Since being let go a few weeks ago, the stark reality of how dire things are worldwide is being brought home to me. Right now I’m only limbering up, but I know I’ll have to cast the net wide. I reckon that short term consulting positions might be my quickest route back to work, so I’ve been getting in touch with companies with whom I worked in the past to let them know I’m available for assignments anywhere in Europe and the Americas (or anywhere else for that matter). I’ve got kids and I’d hate to have to go away but I reckon I may have to bite the bullet. And that’s if I’m lucky. Right now, all I’m hearing is “great to hear from you, hope you’re well, don’t worry we’ll let you know if something crops up”. I know I’ve got competition as several former colleagues are in a similar position. I’m tentatively trying to learn Mandarin Chinese through a free online yoke, but I’m finding it hard to get motivated.

In the meantime, I’m on the dole, which only lasts for 18 to 24 months over here, so the survival strategy includes:
1.Shopping around for the cheapest groceries (always tended to do that anyway) and reducing consumption of more expensive items, ready-meals and take-aways.
2.Used a food-cost formula a friend in the restaurant business gave me to work out meal costs and are favouring the cheaper, healthier options.
3.Partly thanks to some advice and encouragement on the pin, I’ve got spinach, carrots broccoli and garlic growing in the garden
4.Herself is doing her own baking.
5.Using the web to find cheapest petrol prices and reducing car journeys to essential trips only where possible
6.Fixed my bike that had been hanging in the garage for years
7.Cut out cinema (one of our favorite hobbies), use Blockbusters instead
8.Cut down on booze (very cheap here anyway)
9.Switched mobile phone plan and we’re using Skype where possible
10.Taking full advantage of night-rate electricity (dishwasher, washing machine, even some cooking).

All fairly prosaic as you see, the same rules apply all over. I’m not saying to anyone “don’t emigrate” and by all means be optimistic, but be realistic as well. That might seem like superfluous advice to the mostly very sensible people who post on here, and of course if you’re young free and single it probably matters less but if you’ve got loved ones depending on you, then you don’t want to compound a difficult situation by making a bad move.


sad to read people responses somehow, we really have thrown away what could have being something sustainable. The goal of Ireland should be try and create a place where all people can find a job and work in a sustainable way. i susgest yee have a read of this book about Irish population growth, its really a catastrophe.

I think a lot of our current problems come from successive generations of potential leaders leaving the country out of frustration and we’re just left with the same stale political class since the foundation of the state…

my plan for the next couple of year is to return to Ireland to finish thesis, and then hit the road for Europe either germany or France or possibly the US for a post-doc, don’t plan on coming back to Ireland for a while. my advice to any recent graduates facing the dole would be to return to do a post grad (preferably not in your undergrad university)… do something different to your undergrad as one will complement the other.


I’ve been in London for about 5 years too. I’m a computer programmer and work for one of the big investment banks in the city. I’ve survived multiple rounds of redundancies and have managed to negotiate a transfer back to the Dublin office to carry out my work from there. I work for a global team so it doesn’t really matter where I’m located.

My plan is to work in Dublin for the next year or so, do a bit of travelling before I go back to university in September 2010 to do a masters. Hopefully when I pop out the other end in 2011 things will have started to recover.

The one thing that this recession has taught me is that its important to have multiple incomes and to be as self sufficient as possible. Im working towards that goal. I’m working on a couple small business ideas. Mainly internet businesses. That’s where my skill set lies. Hopefully they will turn out to be revenue earners. I’ll definitely start growing my own fruit and veg back in Dublin (cooking’s a big hobby of mine) .

I know everyone must be sick to death of the bad news in Ireland day in day out. I believe that Ireland will be one of the 1st countries to rebound once the global economy ramps back up again. The UK is a behemoth in comparison. Things don’t feel as bad as Ireland over here at the moment but they will get a lot worse sooner or later and it will take far longer for their economy to turn around.

So I’m hoping that my little plan will work out. I’m single, in my late 20’s, debt free so I can work anywhere in the world without any ties. I want to make Ireland my base however.

Yoganmahew. Why are you learning c/c++?? Its Java and C# all the way these days. I’d focus on those if you are not already an expert with a view to learning more about mobile app apis. Google’s andoid, Apple iphone apis etc. They’re the future.


I reckoned I would be sacked for health reasons well before this so I was stuffing money into shares, pension and (paid off) mortgage for the last 15 years. When I finally get the knife in this climate - I will not be lonely on the unemployment / disability benefit heap. I am doing an Oracle DBA cert (argument being there will be a few DBA jobs around when (even) more programming work heads East, though I may be too old to jump into a different specialty). Might work (computer programming) from home a bit.

Is there a caste system on the unemployment heap - like can you work your way into more ready for employment - or do you just become more and more unemployable.

Actually if I am wondering what the ladder is - I must be on the bottom of it and being regularly passed out…

Basically not implementing anything radical until pushed.


Work wise - grin and bear it - at least until monies out exceed monies left in the net income column

Car has another good 5 years in it.

Holidays - 2 booked and paid already for this summer - F*** it - it could be the last year!

On the homefront I honestly swear to do my best to annoy every last remaining EA in South Dublin - with lowball after lowball - don’t these folks realise that a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it - and if I’m the only one offering then there’s something wrong - That said there has been a slight semblance of a reality check on the horizon among some EA - ( usually young independents - not the big knobs! ) so I’d put it at 80% likely that I’ll have bought by the end of the Summer -Current rental lease is up in July and should we stay here I’ll be knocking another 12-15% off a new rental agreement.

Emmigration - not an option - as it doesn’t seem any better anywhere else - possibly we have left it too long - bit long in the tooth to up sticks and move now.

Short tem plan - book flights for Edinburgh on 23 May - come on Leinster - eat drink and be merry


Is our wife related to Estrella Olsson? :open_mouth:


Yoganmahew – Good luck with the C/C++ study. From my own experience (my team are currently migrating off a massive C based application onto a TIBCO/Java based platform), very few new applications are being built in C/C++. Many C/C++ developers are involved in upgrading or supporting legacy applications. This is potentially quite lucrative but less exciting work!

On the EA side. The longer they hold out from dropping their prices the worse its going to get. With rents coming down, the buytoletters will eventually be forced to sell due to insufficient income to support their mortgage(s).

With that in mind when does everyone think we’ll reach a point of capitulation? Presumably this will be when sellers/EAs are forced to sell at deep discounts and a tidal wave of property comes on the market as people try to offload faster than the next seller. This is the crash a lot of us are waiting for. How far away is this? 6-12 months? Will it ever happen?


Short of the country going bust, I don’t think it will happen. What will happen is that there will be a steady drip…drip…drip, that’ll keep chipping away at the prices each sale setting a benchmark for asking prices (same as on the way up). There may be some gap drops with the start of each ‘asking’ season (I think ‘selling’ season inappropriate in the current climate) as there’s a push by EAs to make some money, but generally, I reckon, you should expect the falls to continue for half as long as prices rose unsustainably on the way up - so 8/4? 10/5?


I understand YM works for the airline industry, which I’m presuming won’t be keen to switch to Java or C# from whatever it is they use currently.


Just keep working on my Internet business, been doing it since I dropped out of my masters and loving the freedom and self-sufficiency, though it does get lonely on your own sometimes so I’m looking into doing some consulting/contract work in php/mysql/linux. I’m 23 so not as pessimistic as some of the old fogies on this board!

There’s still loads of money to be made out there, loads of opportunities, went to Vegas in January for a business conference and the positive attitude of the yanks is infectious


I’m gonna take my meagre savings and my large credit card facility and go and live like a king in the phillipines for a couple of years…
when the card hits the limit
and I have no more funds…

and the country is ready

I’m gonna come home and start a bloody communist revolution from my dugout in the dublin mountains the objective of which will be to liberate hard earned savings from prudent thatcherites like Howzat and Michael O’Leary

I’ve already started on my Che guevara beard

reactionary cads BEWARE!!!


get high stay high

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They poisoned our asses! With poisonous gases!