So whats your plan?


Back on topic.

I don’t like this thread.

I don’t like it because it suggests that as an intelligent being, i should have some “Plan B” ready.

I can tell you it wouldnt matter a shit, i have a large family who consume all the resources i throw at it anyways. its one of the reasons i am thinking of leaving. i just can’t afford to live here anymore.

how people manage on the average wage, i do’nt know, so i have fuck all hope of survival on the dole.

i hate this thread. my job gets more and more precarious everyday, so when the chop comes, i’ll just have to walk away from here. leave it all behind. Start anew.or not. who knows…


I have my ‘Plan B’ (maybe C…?) already in motion!

I wanted to buy a place, for a family home. In Dubllin was the plan, but I finally saw the light when we got to considering houses in Lucan and realised we’d be possibly committing ourselves to up to a 3 or 4 hour daily commute. I couldn’t hack that for 3 months, never mind 30 years. Fuck that.

So, to skip to the end… we’re packing up and getting outta dodge - Moving west of the Shannon within next 6 - 12 months, renting first then looking to find an old detached place on a decent site for money that won’t have us struggling. At all.

I’m going to work part time which would easily cover mortgage and living costs. Other half to avail of paid career break (I’m looking forward to the comments on that one!) which we’ll use for backup, just in case. No childcare expenses (cha-ching: 1000 per month) after this year, once we go ahead with all this, so we’re going to have another one.

Ye don’t know how glad I am that I’m not stuck in a semi-d in “only OK”-ville, Dublin right now.


What will you work at if you dont mind me asking?


Don’t mind at all, same as now - in TV/Film. I end up travelling as it is, so shouldn’t make much odds where I’m based. Well, once I keep in touch with a few people in the industry so they know I still exist, that is.


Nice to have the option. Good luck with it.


It is, cheers.


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Spoil sport :smiley:


I don’t have a Plan B. I usually wait until Plan A falls apart to come up with another plan.
So Plan B would be to come up with a Plan B. or would that be Plan C?

I’d love to go and live abroad for a few years. I’ve three young kids though so the longer we leave it the more difficult it will be to go.
I’m self employed and have always been in a position where i’m only as good as my next project (IT/Internet stuff). So no change there.

No debts though. Also, growing veg and certainly cutting back on spending. Never really went mad though during the ‘boom’.
We live quite frugally yet our monthly costs are really high. It’s impossible to live cheaply in this country.
Still planning on going on holidays this year. As an earlier poster said - it could be our last for a while.
Heading to Britanny - by boat/camp site.

There’s a lot of talk of ‘green shoots’ but i don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it by any stretch.


Plan B :
Assuming Jobs available (IT) then head to Sydney, failing that move to Germany and learn German for 6 months to a year.
If there are still no jobs available then maybe move to BA to learn espanish.

Also plan to start a family but that is Plan A or B.


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Sounds interesting, got a soft copy?


get high stay high til prices get low and stay low…then its swoopy swoopt time


I was all set to emmigrate a few months ago to the States, but personal circumstances changed! At the moment, I’m staying debt-free, footloose and am exploring my professional options.

As far as the housing situation goes, I’ve practically given up hope of ever buying here. I think while we have state-run banks and NAMA, we’re going to continue to see the slow-drip of house price deflation which will probably last 5 years at least.

If I lose my job, the chances are I will move to the North with my Northern Irish fiancee. A friend of ours recently bought a new build, 4 bedroom, detached house that was fully-fitted out for £125,000. 30 minutes to Belfast, about 70 minutes to Dublin with a rail link going both ways if you’re that way inclined. Such a house down here would cost at very least double, and more likely triple that price. With a favourable exchange rate, decent savings and a lower cost of living; I could easily get by up there for quite some time even if I couldn’t find work.


Good luck with that - if you haven’t learned german previously or are gifted with languages, learning it well inside a year is a full time job. As in 8 hours per day, between classes and study at home.


I work in digital advertising. I feel that my job is safe yet the company may not be. I know that our team is bringing in a nice amount of revenue now that advertisers have cut traditional media spends and are finally interested in the accountability and relative cheapness of our medium.

Anyway, if everything goes tits up and I can’t get a similar gig (or would I even want to? annoying business tbh), I’ll try my hand at some consultancy, undercutting all agencies in Dublin (easily done), get working seriously on my own internet businesses (all in the starting stages right now), move in with parents/in-laws, rent the Dublin property for whatever we can get and possibly sod off somewhere warm and cheap.

I’ll read a ton of books and spend some quality time with the people I care about.


Ive considered several plan Bs, im already in career move number 3 to teaching-seems as stable as it gets at the mo although im on a year to year contract. Dying to get my own house although not willing to succumb to mortgage land unless i get a serious bargain.
Already have a little nixer well up and running and currently studying and doing some business planing to gain additional skills to expand this.
(FYI- no i have no conscience about nixers- i like being able to afford new underwear) :wink:

In short term want to pay off remaining loan on my car, then am debt free. Have no significant shopping habits. Would like to do some short term travelling- missed out on this due to career building and studying during celtic tiger.
Have ample savings and am investing some of them in upskilling me and putting my brother through college to help him change career to something with better prospects.

Think if we are to have any chance of dragging the nation out of this trouble we need rid of cocky fianna fail and some new ideas, energy, motivation in there who are focussed on saving and creating jobs and realising that lives are being ruined. Delighted to see Paddy Power are offering odds on a general election pre santy season. :laughing:


Be a doo-er not a Reactor. Even if it is -Just Planting a New Tree or Shrub. Do good deeds for everyone - particularly in the Neighbourhood. Help the old and the young. Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what can you do for your country, John F. Kennedy . People take POWER into their own hands. Rid youslelf of Debts and Loans. Be as self-sufficient as possible. Ask yourself - can I produce enough food to provide for myself for ‘one day’ in my life and then proceed to one day per week or month. Where Ignorance is Bliss - it’s Follie to be Wise - particularly regarding Government and the Banks. Be a lot more Creative Regarding Good Design and Solar gain in your own environment. Improve your immediate surroundings. A Tree grows best in its Native Soil. Don’t expect to be rewarded by other people - be good to yourself.


Well I did lose my job in March, and since my background is civil engineering there’s not much hope of finding a new one in that area.
Weird thing was, what I specialised in was sustainability and I was basically operating as a one man band.
I was making the company quite a bit of money, but administratively I sat with a group that wasn’t . . .

Anyway, still not found a new job, but oddly I’m now quite happy I was let go. I was in a rut. The work wasn’t that interesting and it was difficult to grow it effectively because I had no budget to train myself and no support from management.
A year after I moved over (I had worked for them in the UK but transferred) my Irish boss still had no clue what it was I actually did.

Money isn’t really a problem, I’ve never had any debt and I’ve no one to look after or worry about except me.
I don’t mind living cheaply. I’ve also realised that while I could probably get a job in the UK, I don’t want one. For the first time in about eight years I know where I want to live, and am actually committed to staying here in the long term.

Current plan is to do a phd, so I’m having fun with the applications process at the moment.
The PhD I want to do will enable me to set up a consultancy similar to what I was doing before, but less construction industry and far more general business. The funding for the PhD will cover my basic living expenses, and I pretty much plan to start setting up the consultancy straight away, gradually building it up over the next few years so that by the time I finish I have a viable business, contacts and my name is known out there.

So if any of you know a business/office/charity that is interested in trying to become more sustainable I’m on the look out for a few pilot studies. Won’t cost you a penny, I’m pretty sure it’ll save you a few.

And that’s pretty much my five year plan.


Plan- continue renting happily and saving like a madman. Will reconsider the renting option annually i.e., move to renting a bigger place if needs be. Can’t see that plan changing for many years to come.

Jess, a word of warning on the Phd option. From experience it’ll take you longer than expected, it always does. If you’re planning on doing one then save appropriately as funding will run out after the time period allowed. After that fees and living expenses are up to you, which could put out your plan fairly significantly.