Social and Affordable Housing - Donegal style

Sorry for yet another Affordable Housing thread but this piece in todays Irish Times reminded me of a story I read in the Donegal News at the weekend - the story isn’t available on line so I’m afraid I’ll have to paraphrase. … 87682.html

So with the writing on the wall most councils have, belatedly, stopped taking on affordable homes. It came as something of a shock to read that Letterkenny Town Council - not even County - have just acquired 70 houses, at prices agreed in 2006. The Town Council already has nearly 500 houses on it’s books.

One of the Directors of the Development company is Ciaran Brogan, Town and County Councillor.

fck me! gombeens everywhere

I totally agree with this sentiment. There seems to be a significant gap between reality and what exists in people’s heads; they don’t realise that they are not “beating the system”, they are the system; the British are long gone. He is making millions off of your backs, not magicking it out of thin air from an almighty “system”.

You are heavily rewarded in Ireland for attacking the British who still are clearly in control of Dublin Castle. On the other hand, work hard and make an honest living, and you will get fucked on tax and someone will have a chip on their shoulder about your bigger car. You can’t honestly be successful in Ireland and get away with it; you have to have a fatal flaw, under the table dealing, something to show a black mark on your character. As long as that exists, people will kiss your ass because they are just waiting for you to get done.

Welcome to fucking Ireland.

If the figures from this thread are correct Letterkenny Town Council had a budget of 1.3 million in 2008.


Purchasing property at 11 million, or 11 + 5, seems like a lot of expenditure versus income.

I wouldn’t taint all Irish people, just FF members, supporters and those that vote for them. Cute-hoorism, gombeen mentality, stroke pulling, tax dodging & nepotism are some of the defining characteristics of this group.

Two words.

Michael Lowry.

Add Liam Cosgrave Jr also, although his offenses were on a lesser scale, and he did pay a price.

It doesn’t take ALL Irish people to hold the country back. Just enough people.
FF are performing badly in opinion polls, but I think we all know that at most they’ll spend
one term in opposition (if that).

The simple truth is that enough Irish people want the kind of system that we have and so that’s it.

In the US, poor people vote for tax breaks for the rich because they believe that the American dream will make them rich and one day they’ll benefit from those policies.

In Ireland people tolerate the gombeenism and corruption of others because they think that one day they will benefit from gombeenism and corruption.

Compare the reaction to the MP’s expenses scandal in the UK with the reaction to what has gone on here.

We have 10,000 electricians on strike today and the best their union can say is that if all the employers held the line and behaved and stuck to their cartel agreement, everything would be grand. That’s the philosophy at a time when thousands of their members are out of work and would gladly work for the existing rate or even lower.

This country is f****d. Most people just don’t realise it yet.