Social Consequences of the bubble


Ok so people have moved en masse out to places with zero facilities etc

Somehow I think noise issues and sound proofing is going to be the least of our worries in a few years. … 2055076990


Its exactly what will happen as did when I grew up in the greater Blanchardstown area in the 80s.

Lots of what is now termed “anti-social” behavior i.e. Tragic human boredom brought about by appaling design that is expressed in a manifestly desperate & counter productive, usualy destructive way for a period.

No go areas, were police & fire men are attacked.
Loads more drugs (the next wave) burnt out cars.
Probably a bit more gun crime since seemingly more have access to guns that ever before and this time no ideologies of nationalism or unionism to bring these gunmen along :wink:

Unless you are a worker or a continual consumer, you have no place in this system. There is no room for the human soul here. You are a bee & you will work.

For a society that provides for the transition from child to adult via the trauma that is adolescence then you will have no problems. It seems to me only tribes have protocols, traditions to deal with this period in your human life. Its also is pragmatic as without it they would pull themselves apart & thus endanger the tribe as a whole. I am not syaing its perfect.

However in the West there is no real understanding of that period of life which can for some be very traumatic. If parents can’t deal with their teenage kids sometimes then how can we count on the like of Bertie to accommodate our young citizens of the future, cause in his world these kids would be forking out abut 3.5 million for a semi-d in commuter ville and hsould really have drawn down a mortgage at the age of 3 or else never get on the property ladder, never mind a school palce.

The only section of western life that seems to address this issue (for profit) is big business. So if tahts our solution, oh joy!

I’ll give you an example, which came to me a number omonths before it hit the headlines. I know a teacher in one of the largest primary schools in Dublin possibly ireland. Its in an area that demographically would describe the new Ireland. While the teachers main role is to teach the stress of this new Ireland cause it to go into areas of social care.

Chidren are coming in without coats, lunch or having had breakfast. Children are being left at home and not brough to school (forgotten about!). Children can’t concentrate as they’re developing bodies & mind are not being nourished properly. Children are coming in with appaling injuries inflicted by parents and sometiems go missing for days with no explination.

In short, these children are Irelands future and we have let them down already.

I don’t expect them to be to happy by the time they reach age 16.

Do you?


I think society tries too hard to blame itself for the small group of thugs who make everyones life a misery. We mollycoddle people by telling them that it’s not their fault they robbed my grandmothers purse, and it’s not their fault they knocked the wing mirrors off my car, because it’s my fault for causing them to be disadvantaged. Rubbish. As a society we bend over backwards to these people (just look at city councils trying to house “antisocial” tenants), so in return I expect them to show a bit of respect. Give me 1 good reason why I should be paying the dole to a healthy adult in this country, when we have 150,000 immigrants coming here ever year and finding jobs.


That wasn’t my point.

My overall point was: If as a society we ignore potential problems (jsut look at the housing issue) then don’t expect an easy ride when they appear oin the radar & explode.

I suppose you think all the bits in our constitution and laws that are there to protect children are a waste of time too?

If you look at my original point I only outlined the begining, middle but not the end. The end is in more often happier than not. I just wanted to make the point that we can avoid it all.

Don’t forget its suits those in power that we argue among ourselves and level all blame at those in the lower rungs of society for the ills of society when in fact it is the lads at the troguh (berite & the Gang) really abuse, steal & swindle society at every turn.

(single mothers are often singled out, immigrants, travellers & dole lay about for this that and everything. thats just plain ill informed denial. However when was the last time a single mother wasted 45 million of taxpayers money of e-voting machines or took 10 years to build 2 tram lines cositng over 800 million euro more here, lets get the world into a some perspective here random walk!)

You cannot view the acitons of children as adults as they are children and we must protect them it is our natural responsibility even beofre we start looking at bigger things like society. However since we are in a society then thats were we are at. Sorry about that.

While that is a valid argument, you can rest assured there are mechnisim in place so that this is not the case in the system. Not perfect but they are there to portect this point of view.

However, you can’t expect children to feed themselves right…

So these points are valid but is in no way a rebuttle of what I stated. You’ve mixed in things like the dole and other preconceptions that have nothing to do with my point overall. However if we want to go there…

For the record the creator, Open Window falls into this cateogry for having been on the Dole, not once but twice!!! Was it a bad idea to support OW. I am sure I am not the only one. Its a good place to be fore a while but not for very long. However I do champion the idea of a world without the toil of labour. I haven’t given up that ghost.

So I am sure we are agreed the stae is created for us. Not for some of us, but all of us. Unless you don’t want to share the ball and play fair :wink:


pehaps a bit orwellian in sentiment, but i do agee with quite alot fo what you say.

What i would consider far more pertinent is the future relatinships of couples and family who have bought houses and find themselves under increased preassue due to construction layoffs and rising costs…

imagine, once “wealthy” fathers siting at home all day everday, with pride and independance disappearing as rapidly as the cheap and easy credit, now that is scary,and maybe a bit dramatic…



All that talk about schools and you can’t even spell!!

Might seem a bit pedantic to others, but I give up on reading your messages when you don’t bother to spell-check.

What was your point, anyway?


A happy 16 year old is that not an oxymoran. I’ve certainly never met a happy 16 year old not even when I was 16 myself.

I spent my teenage years in one of the richest towns in the US. A community with fantastic facilities for teenagers - teen clubs, beaches, sports facilities, swimming pools both public and private, bowling alley’s, great schools, volunteer opportunities and the cultural richness of New York city less than an hour away on the train. Teenagers were still unhappy, bored, and misserable and found ways to get into trouble.


Obviously teenagers are “moody” and to be fair, they do have some stresses in life (exams.) But unhappy, bored and miserable?

#9 … 5B380C1007

In this issue of Scientific Mind they debunk the myth of the teenage mind.
Interesting article (unavailable in whole online though).

Basically the “troubled teenager” only exists in the Western World.

They blame excessive rules and regulations against the young among
other things.


Irish Examiner

“time poor” - I wonder do they commute?


Irish Examiner


Really? I figured it was because only in the West can people afford to still act like kids after puberty hits.

Teens in Japan, one of the few non-Western places with enough wealth to breed them phenomenon, have plenty of their own oddities, even if superficially not “troubled”.

#13 … e-catch-22

Working mothers caught in their own childcare Catch-22
David Mc Williams