Social Distancing 2020 - Project Sanity

In the context of Covid-19, we will be spending less time in social and group-work settings. I just wanted to track what people are doing, discovering etc

Internet - I’m realizing what an enormous time suck Twitter is. I can somehow waste an hour and a half. It’s dissatisfying.

Fitness - I heard it said recently that if you’ve time to go the gym, then you’ve too much time on your hands. I’ve stopped going to the gym since last week (the infection risk is too high) and my home workouts are taking half the time but are wearing me out and leaving me stiff.

Reading - I read the book of Deuteronomy. It’s pretty crazy.

YouTube - all of this year’s and lasts University Challenge episodes are on YouTube. Two high standard years.

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Social media was the beginning of social distancing, why stop now - that birth rate needs to hit zero, if we are to survive!

Did you not get the memo?

You’re already dead.

Interesting thoughts, as if fate designed the virus

  • China has an oversupply of men and sex selective abortions. So The virus kills more men.
  • people have taken face to face interactions for granted, so much so that people scroll through their phones when in company. So the virus will make you treasure casual interactions that you now cannot have
  • porn and social media has caused millennials to have less sex than their predecessors. Now all they’ll get is porn. They’ll be sick of it.
  • we’ve proudly but foolishly staffed our hospitals and nursing homes with non Nationals flying back and forth. This only has to hit one nursing home to be a national crisis.
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More interesting is that it hits elderly hard too.

Need to prune the rosebush before the whole thing tips over.

What will become of the civil unrest in France, I wonder?

Its the elderly and those with complex respiratory conditions, that will need to isolate themselves from the rest of us.

IMHO, it’s ultimately going to be quite difficult avoid something like this through social distancing.

Good to see that British couple on the Diamond Princess seem to have recovered.