Social Housing Lease - More Waste

Given the terms of this scheme, why the hell are they not simply buying the houses.
This is yet more wasteful current expendidture to try and avoid up front capital expenditure.

Nothing is changing in the way they run the country.

Click2Lease is a medium/long term leasing scheme operated by local authorities seeking Property Owners:

•Who want to take a hands off approach.
•With new or nearly new properties.
•Who do not want to furnish their properties.
•Who do not have time to source tenants or manage their properties.
•Who want the security of a State Guaranteed long term lease (10 - 20 years) with break options and rent reviews.
•Who do not want void periods.
•Who do not want to incur letting fees, advertising costs, refurbishment costs, repair and renewal costs and general maintenance costs.
•Who would like to be exempt from the €200 property tax.
•Who want their rent collected on their behalf and paid directly into their bank account.

•Who will accept 80-85% of the open market rent in return for all the benefits of this scheme.

As discussed, THIS is the developer bail out.