Social Partership watch:who what and where....

Sounds like it’ll be worth keeping an eye on, where Dr. Gurdgiev tells us

I’ve read his analysis and it literally sent a chill up my spine. It sounds like the unions are winning and the main savings will be achieved by attacking private sector retirement planning. (Fine or even brilliant if there was a replacement with a German style pension scheme but I think we know that can’t happen.)

Christ, interviewed on the 9 o’clock news were Turlough O’Connor and David Begg. Where the fuck are the people who were elected to run this country. Both of these guys were happy with the agreed ‘framework’, this has all the hallmarks of a major farce. Framework is based on only 10% unemployment in 2009, you fuckwits, we are most likely there already, if not, it wont be long.

The report also mentioned the construction industry may come back into the partnership process. I am aghast, I feel like going down to the Dail and asking some of the politicians if they really are as stupid as they appear to be.

It’s called Representative Democracy. If you’re represented by a large well organised lobby group like ICTU or IBEC it’s democratic, if not tough shit. has now posted the framework document with comments (don’t want to repost the entire article off his site).

But here’s the core of the “plan” - read the site for the Dr’s comments and more detail.


The adjustment to be achieved through further taxation measures will be informed by the following principles:

* Changes to be fair and equitable with a higher proportion falling on higher incomes while minimising distortionary effects between different forms of tax 

* Support the productive sector of the economy to keep Ireland competitive

* Ensuring that tax expenditures are fully evidence-based

* Broaden the tax base and make changes that are straight forward, easily understood and easy to administer

* Additional progressive tax measures consistent with the social solidarity approach


i went fucking blind reading the bulshit straight from the pigs mouth.

I gather that the government are going to tax the shit out of those with money and jobs, to pay for those with jobs (PS) and those without (Dole)

hence everyone, like unions and those on the scratch will be delighted.

Anybody earning anything approaching a livable wage will be 8-

Is that it?

Yep. I in horror I beheld the silver topped vested interests sitting at the round table on our time. Dividing and slicing the countries destiny under the illusion they are relevant. They are as culpable as the political class wreckless bankers.

Well from my reading of it, you’ve got it in a nutshell XX

Read it and wept. We are so super duper fucked.

Spread must widen on irish gov debt to bunds on the back of this.

10% unemployment very very optimistic with that plan.

See GreenBear’s posted interview with Vladimir Putin on the other thread. Love him or loathe him thats what a leader looks like.

We get the social partners agreeing “frameworks” - consensus bullshit learnt during a different age in which they still think they live.

They still havent grasped the idea that this is not 2006 - and never will be again.

I naively voted for the legislature to run this country. It really is sickening that the legislature have to plead with the social partners for their approval before the Government make their decisions.
It is dangerous and anti democratic for this to be done in this manner and means that the trade union movement that represents about 250,000 workers out of a total of 2million employed are dictating what they will allow in the recovery plan.
Lets have a year of strikes and be done with it so that we can plan for the future.
Consensus through social partnership is anti democratic.

Social Partnership includes the employers!!! Janeymackers!

Fuck it, why not get CORI in to boot…

It does not include non-union private sector employees - possibly the biggest bloody cohort in the economy!

This stupdity of these people is going to create the biggest opportunity for the investors out there to profit from

It is getting more and more clearer to where we are going…

The only Question in my head is the WHEN?

Just need another few ticks on the old checksheet…

anybody hear the nugget from BL on the news:
“successive years of negative growth to come… never in modern history…etc”

Thats the housing market fucked for the next decade

and me wondering how to leave ASAP :nin