Socialism comes to save the day … iew110.xml

“In Europe, not a single junk bond has been issued since August. Spreads on Euribor - the rate used to price mortgages in Spain, France, Italy, and Ireland - reached 93 basis points last week, a new record. This is tantamount to four rate rises.”

Would free marketeers rather see the whole edifice of capitalism burned to the ground to make their point?

Not making the point effictively makes the counter-point. The more debt you rack up, the more likely you are to be bailed out.

At least some of the risk taking that led us to this point were based on the belief that governments would jump when the time came. How much worse will the risk taking be when belief gives way to absolute certainty.


Indeed i am watching closely, if the savers and cautious investors are punished on this round,i am going to send the missus (well technically we ain’t married) on the biggest spending spree she has ever imagined :laughing: