Sold: 1 Idrone Terrace, Blackrock (-1450k, -55%)


Was 2.65m … =&gs_rfai=

Now 1.7m
€591/sq foot


“This elegant home offers the new owner the opportunity to put their personal stamp on it.”

I know this house and area. It was rented for years. The above means it needs total refurb. Nice sea views though.


Worth the investment … 02756.html


what a joke. Why didn’t they say “not worth even half it” Call a spade a shovel.


In most saner parts of the world, this would not be considered a trophy home. And we are quickly converging on sanity in this country


These are really lovely houses, fabulous location if you want to live in the suburbs, close to the dart, set above the sea, looking out over it.

Of course, as Bonzo says, not worth half the asking.
But maybe one of those partners in Cox’s or Fry’s will buy it?


Happened to walk past this one the other day with my son and was in the middle of pointing out the series of seemingly large cracks on the side wall, the flimsy perimeter fence that clearly has been breached on a regular basis, given the wear on the grass through the gap and the inevitable ‘empties’ littered there. Would not pay 25% of asking for this one but as Mantach points out, some of the others on the terrace are lovely houses with a damned good sea view. This one, for me is the runt of that litter!


you know what! - buy an ex-council house in one of the many close-ish to the sea (Prior to being DLRCC DL-Borough was a very thin narrow strip of land into which the great and the less-great needed to be accommodated). Buy a bike (govt. grants available-although in fairness you probably don’t need one as the sea is a max of 30 mins away) and enjoy the amenities without having to repay a wedge and maintain a pile. And as the gales roll in on the weather forecast be glad that Idrone terrace and it’s owners are there to take the brunt!


1.6m … lin/217261
€556/sq foot


No interest at €1.6m?

Well try €1.5m - that will have the punters rushing in.

If not careful this will be an 800k special.


Daft link for 1.5

Still 1.6 on myhome


Drove past the other day and its sale agreed.




Unfortunately those partners in Coxs and Frys already own similar houses with rather magificent mortgages on them. They also own, almost to a man and woman, large stakes in various failed or partially failed syndication schemes that the banks and brokerages put together in the 2004-2007 heyday. They have also seen net income reductions in the 50% region from the 2006 and 2007 top. Unless you can find the one of the 5 or 6 new equity partners made in the last two years unencumbered by debt and in an area that has still got some prospects (funds maybe, or IP) you can count those lads out.


It’s gone off HOK’s site, does anyone know if it SOLD?


this was sold for €1.2 according to the EA today


So €2.65m to €1.2m.
€1.45m difference or 55% drop.

It’s on a property like this that the stamp duty reduction enables the deal to cross the line. Massive ‘savings’, if you want to call it that.

Anyone know when it was on at €2.65m ?


Now sold for 2.95M.

300K. over asking.

A lot of work done but a huge profit for whoever bought it in 2010.